Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Karachi

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. Yes I know some parts of you are still burning after that harrowing of episodes of suicide bombing and arsonists setting places on fire. This is to give you company and to keep spirits high that you have to go on! trust me, I am from Peshawar and my city has seen umpteen numbers of suicide bombings but every time Peshawarites pick themselves up and go on with their lives.

You have been my host for the past 6 years. On my arrival I was greeted with Tasman Spirit lying on her side spilling hundreds of tonnes of crude oil on your shores but your citizens did well to clean you up - congrats to them. I have had my share of other 'interesting times' with you. Like I was stuck for 4 hours on a single spot on Shahra e Faisal on one hell-rainy afternoon couple of years back. I endeared the 2 day blackout with you when power lines tripped rendering major part of you without electricity. I have been without water for quite a number of times in Defence area when the water tanker for one reason or the other did not arrive on time and I had to buy water to bathe.

Cities around the world face security situations, lots of incidents of law and order occur but its peculiar to Karachi only that the 'incident' does not matter that much, what is more important is what happens afterwards! Take example of my city Peshawar. Whenever a suicide bombing takes place, the usual activities take place - law enforcement agencies, medics, hospitals, common people - all doing their effort to help normalize the situation. In Karachi, whenever something gos wrong, arsonists take to street! When Ashoora procession was struck by suicide bomber, simultaneously, arsonists had broken the locks of shops, poured chemical in them and set them on fire! The historical M. A. Jinnah road with all the majestic buildings bore the brunt and that core business hub of Boulton Market was reduced to ashes with losses running into estimated billions.

This did not happen for the first time. May 12th incident or the 27th December 2007 incident when BB died - cars, shops, banks, malls - no one is safe. Everything is burnt! Really but what the hell! though I hate it but I have to agree with the term used for ashoora suicide bombing - 'distraction' they said and it is totally correct! The incident proved to be a distraction when compared to what happened afterwards. When I set out for office around noon there was no public transport and I was constantly clocking over 100 kph on Shahra e Faisal and there was this nagging fear in my head that something might happen. It is a very bad feeling trust me my dear Karachi.

Karachi, I feel that your rulers, leaders and administrators do not take care of you. I mean no one does anyway in Pakistan but in your case, they seem to become party to the crime. I do not understand but why were the arsonists not stopped? After the suicide bombing the Law enforcement agencies are everywhere! The Rangers, the police - no one did anything to stop it. Frankly, I find Rangers to be extremely inept. When 12th May 2007 incident occurred, people were killed right in front of their Head Quarters near Malir Halt! They are only good at flaunting! (with due respects to the jawan of Rangers who lost his life stopping the suicide bomber) If you have been a commuter of Shahra e Faisal in morning rush hours, there is/was a commandant of Rangers who came to Rangers head Quarters at Jinnah Courts building. The protocol and escort were totally abusive towards other motorist literally shoving them off the road. You felt like hiring a suicide bomber! Morons!

Anyways, this is to tell you that I am totally with you regarding getting on with life and picking up strength when it matters the most. You are a very colourful city. I drove all the way from Peshawar in my car to you as a destination, I hope my future generations will adopt the same route and they enjoy same as their forefather did. Be there. You are important to us.

May God keep you coloured (not blood red) and bright (not lighted). Take care.

Yours truly.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas! Or Is It?!

First. Have a taste of this.

"if you are a muslim then you should not say merry christmas because by doing so you are saying that jesus was a son of god and he was crucified on cross for the sins of humanity which we muslims do not believe.


The SMS I received even referenced it to Dr. Zakir Naik. If he really has said that.. then please take a certificate from me for him of being a moron par excellence.

(with due apologies to Zakir Naik) Now listen to me dear muslim brothers and sisters. It is mentioned in the glorious Quran, Chapter 49 Verse number 6

49:06 - O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done.

So first thing first. What does 'Merry Christmas' mean? It is "Happy Christ's Mass" and the term is used to celebrate Jesus's birthday. It does not in any way mean that 'Jesus is the son of God'. So my muslim brothers and sisters, two wrong acts were committed. First, you did not ascertain what the statement meant and believed in it at once. Secondly, you just insulted Christians! Give me a break!

As muslims we believe that Jesus was one of the great messengers of God. To quote Quran.

Quran 3:45 - Behold! the angels said: "O Mary! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honour in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to Allah;

So why as a muslim would you not celebrate the birth of Jesus? If not celebrate, at least wish Christians well on this day? After all we do celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad do not we? 12th rabi-ul-awwal?

Now say alongside me ok? Merry Christmas!!


41:34 - Nor can goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Islam? Peace?

Islam, the word, means 'submission' and 'peace'. How ironic that efforts are 'made' to have peace for this religion in its holy days.

News : 9 Ulema’s entry banned in Pindi

Ulema and zakireen are usually banned because they might fan hatred and will be responsible for creating law and order situation.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Space Tidbit

"The exact temperature of the thermosphere can vary substantially, but the average temperature above 180 miles (300 km) is about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius) at solar minimum and 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit (927 degrees Celsius) at solar maximum. (Though these temperatures sound hot, you would not actually feel warm in the thermosphere, because the molecules in that layer are too far apart.)"


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zardari & NRO

After the Supreme Court verdict in stating that National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) is unconstitutional, I am only interested in knowing when is President Zardari set to receive all those ailments that he was afflicted with when he was incarcerated in prison - including 'mental ailments'?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marvellous Achievment

The car registration number series of Karachi, which started from AAA-001 has reached ASS. I'll get a sample for you guys as soon as I lay my hands on one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Secular Taliban

No I aint wrong. This is exactly the term I want to use.

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine on a certain issue. The person claims himself to be an a-theist and presents himself as a very logical and sensible person when trying to discuss things. Usually he is :p

He and I always have opposite opinions and we always end up fighting. But this is our relationship and we both have no problems with that. In fact the camaraderie is more in fact due to this. Before this cyber-warfare between us... it had always been verbal. We both shouted at each other in the heat of the moment and then went ok.

Now. He has deleted my comment. On his website were we were having a discussion. He did that once before and I had asked him to which he feigned ignorance. This time there is a message saying my message has been deleted. Say! something is different in cyberspace eh? Earlier, at least, the air surrounding us absorbed our opinions and did not delete them.

But it does not matter. Opposing view points are really hard to swallow - for taliban or for secular souls.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

State of Affairs

Another suicide bombing today has taken 17 lives in Peshawar. I called my brother and asked everyone was ok, as is the ritual now. He replied in affirmative. I thank God that everyone 'near' to me is OK. How cruel can one be thinking of only his/ her owns and not thinking about the others who died... but I guess this is the state of affairs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

O Peshawar!

My city is being put to smithereens. 6 suicide attacks in 5 days not to mention countless that peshawarities have to endure for quite sometime now. If there is any city in Pakistan that has sacrificed in huge terms.. its Peshawar. It hosted majority of the afghan refugees numbering around 3 million in early 80s. It had to face countless bombings when Afghan war as its peak. I still remember them because I used to go to school in bus and parents kept worried. Today the situation is the same... a bit different in the sense that schools now do not open at all due to suicide bombing fears.

For the peace of Peshawar

I dare not ask a kiss,
I dare not beg a smile;
Lest having that, or this,
I might grow proud the while.

No, no, the utmost share
Of my desire shall be,
Only to kiss that air
That lately kissed thee,
(Robert Herrick)

This is for people of Peshawar and the city. I salute you. The sacrifices are enormous. People have lost their near and dear ones in senseless bombings. Terrorism has to be eradicated. Your blood will not be forgotten! I hope so.

Rahimullah Yousafzai has written a beautiful article here.

Mini 'Skirt' Islam

"ROME (Reuters) – Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in Rome for a U.N. food summit, spent several hours in the company of 200 Italian women recruited by an agency and tried to convert them to Islam, Italian media reported on Monday.

"Seeking 500 attractive girls between 18 and 35 years old, at least 1.70 meters (5 foot, 7 inches) tall, well-dressed but not in mini-skirts or low cut dresses," read the ad by the Hostessweb agency and quoted in Italy's Corriere dell Sera newspaper in its story.

Some 200 women showed up at a Rome villa, having been told they would receive 60 euros ($90) and "some Libyan gifts. ... After around two hours the lesson, including questions and answers through an interpreter, concluded with an exhortation by Gaddafi to "convert to Islam" and with each woman given a copy of the Koran and a book of sayings by Gaddafi. "


No wonder Islam is the most ridiculed of religion in world.

I say Gaddafi missed it.. he should not have put the restriction of "well-dressed but not in mini-skirts or low cut dresses", I mean, he could have had a 'heart-to-heart' with them... no restrictions.

And whats the title of book of Gaddafi's sayings? 'Perv 101'.

Keep skirting around Islam and you'll strike right at their heart. asshole.

'any morons?! raise your hand!'
'c'est moi!'

Friday, November 13, 2009


Click to enlarge. Courtesy

This is the latest photograph obtained from European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft.

Be in Awe!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dad-0, Daughter-1

*scene: My daughter getting rides at the swings. There is another child sitting right next to her on another swing 'awaiting' the coin to be inserted in the machine*

My daughter: 'baba' *pointing towards him* 'bhai jhoolu' (brother wants a ride)
I: (in my heart) So what .. children keep sitting here, their parents roaming around not caring about their children. I am not responsible for him!
My Daughter: 'baba! bhai jhoolu!'

*she points to towards my hand in which I am holding coins, takes the coin from me and tries to put the coin in other machines slot*

I: (asking her) put the coin in the machine?
*She nods her head as affirmative*

As the ride gets operative she is all smiles and points towards the child and says to me 'baba bhai jhoolu!'

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gals & Blogging

Ok this is weird now. I thought it was a mere coincidence but it has happened yet again. Another female blogger has deleted her blog! I know 4 of them who have.. not many in numbers, yes I know but its very weird.

Why on earth, you ladies, do that?! Whats the big urge to delete everything you have ever written?!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pakistan - 101

Caption: No, a meal is not being prepared rather the WAPDA guys are repairing a transformer. They are removing the moisture from oil in transformer through evaporation.

Credit: to the photographer who took the pic and the one who sent me in forwarding.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Case of Religion Promoting Hatred?

*a discussion on culture, role of religion in morphing the culture, how western societies are 'missing' the positive factor of religion - it took an interesting turn*

He: When you separate religion from your life – you are deprived of many humanly attributes which God has bestowed and which one could realize only after losing them – Ultra social and moral less set ups have got nothing for ailing humanity in the longer run however they can further aggravate their plight.

look deep into the western society, they have abandoned their family values for the sake of MY Life and My World, Yes – apparently this has given them some edge over others but despite their much development and progress now they feel that they had made a real bad bargain and now desperately they are trying to turn the wheel in counter direction. So serious is their problem that when it comes to the presidential elections of USA – then candidate’s family setup and family values are also rated as of great importance. The candidate is supposed to project and talk about high family values.

I : Religion is one of the input of social norms - not the only one. What you state suggests that Americans are relinquishing their secular credentials.. which of course is not the case. Laws, regulations, environment, social framework for example - all of these contribute, alongside religion of course, to mould the norms of society. Let me give you an example. In Afghanistan and North Western Pakistan, burqa is very common - not becasue of religion but due to custom. Had it been religion then every muslim women on earth would have worn burqa.

As a law, you can not spit chewing gum in Singapore - this has resulted in Singapore being the cleanest of territories. We, the Islamic nation, are more akin to a toilet as compared to Singapore.

He : Postman- laws, regulations, social frameworks etc etc. these are not constants rather variables and being inferior in their ‘spirit’ and structure they require constant revamping for their validity and acceptability though for a short period. Where as religion – Islam - is an absolute constant in letter and spirit because of its divine nature and perfection. (since God himself has endorsed its perfection). Now the real problem is that humans have made religion as supplement, because by and large it does not entertain their ID.

Yes ‘burqa’ is a religious phenomenon but then why does not rest of the muslim world observe it? This has some thing to do with, how much one believes in his religion. Is he a muslim because accidentally he was born in a muslim family? Or he believes that bearing a muslim name and practicing few commandments of his choice are enough to entitle him for paradise.

I : It is an absolute constant, in letter and spirit due to its divine nature and perfection, only for you and me. Not for anyone else. What we tend to forget is that we are not MUSLIM only nation, they are other religions involved. For us its only Islam and god-damn the rest. And us muslims are further bifurcated in sunnis,shias, hanfi, deobandi, ahmadi etc etc. Islam is NOT an absolute constant if looked fom this perspective. Its a fine thought but reality bites.

He : I believe that ‘originally’ none of the early religions preached anything against the divine law, where as it were followers who try to deviate from divine law under one pretext or the other, they label such deviations as tradition/ custom etc.. an easy scapegoat. Later over the ages when this cunning art got perfected and was acknowledged globally as axiom it was then that people tried to differentiate between customs and religion

At present we are witnessing the worst phase where in, by and large, religion is fast losing its divine spirit and role. Contrary to that traditions and customs are being widely accepted because of globalization, embracing and practicing them do not require any rationale neither passport nor any one needs to change his clothes.

I: Why is it that you would readily accept the culture of using mobile phones but would shy away from basant? Why is Basant 'hindu' and mobile phone 'secular'?

He : Cell phone is a technology nothing to do with religion.Flying kites is Okay for me, love flying them - but since basant has got strings tied to religious sentiments relating to a specific event therefore flying kites during specific days realting to incident is ignorance and lack of knowledge of religious history of our region.

I: why do you have to attach religion with flying kites? Just as there is no link of mobile phones with religion.

He : i told you that i like flying kites rather love flying kites but if flying kites (in specific style and conditions) is associated with religious sentiments of non muslims then i will not fly kite with specific style and period. I will simply avoid that time duration and later enjoy my hobby - simple as that.

I : Why should you be even concerned with what religious association kite flying holds?

He : Kite flying and yellow color celebrations are linked with blasphemy. I being a poor believer still can not tolerate this.

I : Well then I find putting in religion as a blasphemy... had it not been due to religion, you would not have found any problem with it. certainly would not have found it blasphemous. A classic example of religion promoting hatred, I hasten to add.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Amazing Neighbourhood

Is it not beautiful? :) This is what you will see on the sky if you lie down on the lawn of your home on a dark silent night, on grass, with sweet earthly scent around, slight dew and once in a while gentle breeze.

Full Resolution Image here

Article on
A new panoramic image of the full night sky — with the Milky Way as its centerpiece — has been made by piecing together 3,000 individual photographs. The panorama's creator, Axel Mellinger of Central Michigan University, spent 22 months and traveled over 26,000 miles to take digital photographs at dark sky locations in South Africa, Texas and Michigan. "This panorama image shows stars 1,000 times fainter than the human eye can see, as well as hundreds of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae," Mellinger said. To combine these images, a simple cutting and pasting job would not suffice. Each photograph is a two-dimensional projection of the celestial sphere. As such, each one contains distortions, in much the same way that flat maps of the round Earth are distorted. In order for the images to fit together seamlessly, those distortions had to be accounted for. To do that, Mellinger used a mathematical model — and hundreds of hours in front of a computer.

If this is not enough to amaze you, then check this out.

Mega-star explosion most distant object ever seen

This is the most distant star-burst captured. and it is 13.1 billion light years far. You cant even imagine how far that is.

(AFP/HO/A.J.Levan & N.R.Tanvir)

GRB 090423 is the small, very red source in the centre of this image. The red colour is indicative of its great distance - about 13.1 billion light years - since all the optical light has been absorbed by intergalactic hydrogen gas, leaving only infrared light. All the other galaxies and stars in the image are much closer to us and just happen lie in the same part of the sky.

Astronomy humbles you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moonshine - Revisited

I may be a bit late on moon sighting controversy on Eid.. but then I have to 'deliver my sermon' because I am from Peshawar, work in Karachi and I have to spend the fasting month in Karachi and celebrate Eid in Peshawar. That is a really tricky business. Soon there will be Eid ul Azha and we will 'keep the flame burning' of making mockery of ourselves.

There were three esteemed personalities who made assess out of themselves on this august occasion of Eid ul Fitr. First was Mr. Muneeb ur Rehman, Chairman Rut e Hilal Committee. Second is Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, MNA Awami National Party (ANP) and Mr. Popalzai, imam of (in)famous Masjid Qasim Ali Khan of Qissa Khwani Bazar Peshawar.

I don't know but from my childhood I have seen 3 Eids celebrated in Peshawar. First ones to offer Eid prayers were/are the Afghans who in colossal numbers had found refuge in Pakistan, especially Peshawar during the Afghan war of 80s. They celebrate Eid with Saudi Arabia. Then there is the local Peshawari population that follows the edicts of Masjid Qasim Ali Khan - they celebrate on second day and then there is the third category who celebrate Eid with Government's Moon Sighting Committee, the third day. This time was no different but the 'very vigilant' media of ours ensured that brouhaha was broadcasted 24x7.

First thing first... what is the regulation according to Quran on moon-sighting? All along in the Quran we get the information that new moon is the source for knowing timings for offering rituals.

2:189 - They ask thee, of new moons, say: They are fixed seasons for mankind and for the pilgrimage. ...

6:96 - He hath appointed the night for stillness, and the sun and the moon for reckoning.

No where in Quran you will find that you have to 'sight' the Moon to know about the advent of new month. Trust me on this one, ancient people were much more advanced than an ordinary mortal of today regarding the movements of stars, moon and sun. Today's ordinary Abdul Qudoos ('ordinary Joe' for the rest) does not even look at the sky. The Arabs of that time were traders and knew the sky well. Even before them, the ancient civilizations of Maya and Aztecs had complex calendars pointing to exact setting and rise of moon and sun. So Prophet Mohammad would not have held a session on 29th of every lunar month to sight the new moon. Want to bet? This renders the moon-sighting committee of Pakistan as just a media stunt.

Coming to the 3 revered personalities, first I shall be talking about Mr. Muneeb ur Rehman, the chairman of Ruet e Hilal Committee. The guy has an issue with the 'witnesses of moon-sighting' from NWFP. Normally the committee, in order to follow the laid down procedures of sighting the new moon, examines witnesses who claim to witness the sighting as regards to their authenticity. Mr. Muneeb says that he does not accept the residents of NWFP as witness as they are liars! He says the Meteorological Institute of Pakistan says that there was no moon in that region so how on earth can they sight it? Hence liars. He will accept the testimony of anyone, even the remotest location of Pakistan but will simply not accept the testimony of people of Frontier. He also says that how can you sit for moon-sighting on 28th of Ramazan when one sits on 29th for that purpose. Idiot does not know that Frontier fasts one day 'before' the rest of the country so its their 29th Fast - not 28th as his is.

Mind you, the Meteorological Institute of Pakistan does not say that there was no moon, it says that 'chances of sighting the moon are less because the records with us indicate that you require 31 hours of moon-life to sight it'. The Institute has this record of various observatories around Pakistan. So the moon-sighting records of the Institute is of 31 hours.. not of the rest. You do not have an idea how religiously (literally too) the people of NWFP (not all areas) are in to this thing of moon-sighting.

When we were celebrating Eid in Peshawar, the Ruet guys were sitting in Lahore to witness the moon-sighting, I heard myself the reporter of a news channel saying that 'its been 42 hours since the birth of moon...' Pray tell me, how on earth can a moon whose life is already of 42 hours, require a 'sighting certificate' for it to be officially born? A new moon born is a new moon born for the whole god-damn world. But nay.. we have to prove that a muslim who can follow science is like a unicorn sighted.

Then we have Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, MNA of ANP. The guy had the gall to call the rest of Pakistanis who do not celebrate Eid on the day as Peshawarities do.. as Ahmadis/ Qadiyanis! Really dumb-ass. If there is anyone we hate the most, its the Ahmadis/ Qadiyanis - even more than the Jews. We hate them so much that we have written that in our Constitution, just because they don't have the same opinions as the rest of muslims have. How lovely. (Read my Post: 'I Hate You') So 'Haji' Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, and through his endeavors ANP, has lost it big time. Morons unlimited.

The third personality is Mr. Popalzai, imam of Qasim Ali Khan Mosque. There is a of of history associated with this mosque which is placed in the heart of Peshawar City. For hundreds of years people have been coming from far flung areas of NWFP, claiming to be witness to moon-sighting, in whatever mode of transportation they can find. They are Not Liars! as Mr. Muneeb portrays them. They are examined with the same procedure as Mr. Muneeb applies to witnesses as regards to the authenticity. Hundreds of people come to Peshawar and this mosque for this purpose only. Mr. Popalzai, as always, should have been doing what he does normally that is take testimonies of witnesses and declare them as either valid or invalid. Not go on national TV and try to become a star.


I am very tired I swear.

Either follow the procedure of Ruet and accept the testimonies of people of NWFP, or celebrate Eid in unison with Saudi Arabia or use common sense and get the time of birth of new moon from any website and declare Eid. Stop this mess because I have to buy tickets for home :|

What a moonshine.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kiss? Mum's The Word - Part 2

Seems like the Waziristan Operation, 'Rah e Nijat' (Path to Liberation) and the LUMS ruckus, 'Sirat e Mustaqeem' (The Straight Path) are the only two important things happening in Pakistan. So I'll be focussing on the latter as news from the war zone in Waziristan is bleak.

The News editorial of October 19th, 'Morality Brigade' also talks about it but in a very different tone. If you read the article (please do, its just 2 paragraphs trust me) paints a very antagonized view of our society in which it seems that the primary reason for the low GDP of Pakistan is the conservative lot.

To quote.

"Why should there be so much interest in the behaviour of two individuals which affects no one else? We don’t need more vigilantes in society, who feel it their right to appropriate to themselves the guardianship of society’s morals and behaviour."

True. We don't need vigilantes in our society for the guardianship of society's morals and behaviours. What what exactly did the lady, who initially sent the email in LUMS, do? She expressed her opinion in an email using the public broadcast medium of the university addressing her concerns about an issue. What did the Editor of The News did? He expressed his opinion on an issue which he thinks requires addressing using a public broadcast media. What is the difference between them? Why the lady is a 'schmuck' (as the Editor would have liked to call her) and not he himself?

Look. She did not harass or kill anyone. She just expressed her opinions as she is totally entitled to. Most of us pakistanis may or may not agree with her opinions but she has this right! Just as the editor has to say whatever is on his mind in his newspaper. Being liberal does not mean holding a negative view of the other camp. In the end, its just two parties having a different opinion.


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Kiss? Mum's The Word

People are going berserk in LUMS, especially the students over a debate whether kissing is allowed in an educational campus or not.

The Christian Science article has the details. "Top Pakistan university to ban kissing"

To a reader of an 'open' society, this might sound ridiculous but to us conservative lot on the world map.. it does matter.

Pakistani society is conservative. Conservative does not mean that 'nothing happens here'. God damn it.. everything happens here from prostitution (worst case child prostitution), pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, dancing girls, homosexuality, rape and murder.. you name it and we have it. Nowadays we offer products that are considered niche in other societies like terrorism and religious extremism. So please do not think that we are cave dwellers. Far from it.

Majority of the Pakistanis are really simple people. Case in point my uncle, when my father told him that 'someone' does alcohol and thats the reason for 'something' that happened to him, he was surprised and asked 'Can we get liquor in Pakistan?!' OK may be my uncle is a bit far too much simple but this is a fact that ordinary Pakistanis frown upon societal deviations - no date, no alcohol, no drugs, no prostitution. The guy who who offers prayers regularly, does charity and is sincere to his family is a role model. Frankly, the guy may be a monster inside but what he portrays is important in our society.

This brings us to an important aspect - your portrayal. Looks matter. A girl in pardah (veil) is a 'nice girl', a girl who might be wearing jeans is considered 'deviant'. Similarly, a guy who has beard and says his prayers is a 'nice' guy. On a side note, a famous and notorious cinema in Peshawar which ran porn movies, had an audience that mostly consisted of bearded fellows that had prayer caps on their heads. I am not 'insulting' people with religious attire or hinting that they are perverts.. just that it does happen. Perhaps everyone is a pervert is his/ her own manner including myself.

Getting back to the topic, should an educational institute have laws and regulations regarding Public Display of Affection (PDAs) as the LUMS case or should it be 'free for all'? In my opinion, an educational institute is an 'educational institute'. You are there to learn. Ok some might say that 'kissing is learning' but I am talking about studies and curricula, the only tongue movement I am talking about might be speaking of a language. Note that I am totally against Laws and Regulations to this effect because I find them too restrictive and abusive. LUMS would be totally going the wrong direction if they 'regulated' this area. Instead, they should try to make it a 'norm' that PDAs are restricted in LUMS. They are free to do anything as long as they are not on campus.

When you do something by force or make regulations for them, it becomes counter productive. The blue shuttle burqa is a cultural item of Afghanistan but when the Taliban forced women to wear it, it became the symbol of oppression. Women in Afghanistan still wear that burqa because that is part of their culture! The dark era of pakistani society was the military dictatorship of Gen. Ziaul Haq in 1980s. He prolonged his rule by using Islam. His version of Islam was very restrictive in which there were punishments for everything; from adultery, alcohol consumption to 'not respecting the holy month of ramadan by not fasting'. Committees were to be formed that were supposed to promote congregational prayers. Of course all this regulation meant that ordinary people were exploited by those who were at the helm of affairs. A couple walking together could be questioned by Police as to their credentials. They had to show that they were married (to be walking together) and for that people kept their registered marriage deeds (nikah nama) with them!

But even if you state PDA disapproval in form of norms, the boundaries will always be tested. Does holding hands count as a disapproval? Would the lady who initially sent the 'protest email' in campus mail show her displeasure at that too? It would be better if LUMS or any academic institute would 'establish' an environment where more focus is on studies and opinion freedom rather than PDAs.

The secular conservative mind crap will keep on continuing. What matters is that they don't come to blows - thats where the it really gets messy. Remember Lal Mosque? when Gen. Musharraf's rule saw a term 'Enlightened Moderation', to some it was a separate lane from religious extremism in which others opinion was not accepted but the term is used in different sense in general public. A beauty parlour which secretly runs as brothel (they do really), it would be said that the parlour was following the path of enlightened moderation. But the thing is that one should not go crazy like a religious fanatic and start to attack people and similarly one should not be insensitive to the feeling of others when he/ she considers himself/ herself a person not bound by traditions and social codes. Preserve the beautiful traditions we have, innovate and advance in opinions and respect the opinions of others. If you can that is.

To quote the article
""I think [the debate over the kiss] signifies a conflict between different cultural identities and shows there is something unresolved there," he says."
Trust me. It will always be unresolved and it'll keep figuring up in discussions in one form or the other. If its not kissing, it will be something else. Societies grow like this. Its a natural evolutionary process. It is just that you will be on either side of the divide.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank God for...

A scene. 4 visitors in an organization. One is a bit disabled in the sense that he cannot move quickly with the rest three due to the deformity in his legs. He is trying, perhaps (my understanding), to catch up with them and they are moving ahead almost as if a separate set.

What idiots! And thank God for the revulsion in my heart for them!


As soon as you read this line, you will blink your eyes.

* this is totally crap post, it has nothing to do with collection of data, I am not conducting any research work. It just came in my mind and I posted it. If you blinked.. good :p

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Google Ad

"Find Single Muslim Men", a Google Ad on my screen.

Knowing that Google places Advertisements on content basis, does Google know what I do not know about myself?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

*bowing to* Jennifer Aniston

"I made my allowance as a kid cleaning toilets - I'm actually pretty good at it," said the actress." (link)

Something that no Pakistani will ever imagine of doing. Even if one has done it, he wont tell because its considered shameful. And here is this Hollywood star, who earns millions of dollars performing in movies and getting commercial endorsements, feeling no shame in sharing what she did for living and still says feels proud of it. And amazingly no one in her country would feel bad about it. Thats greatness. Something we, even I, cant imagine doing.

*bowing gain*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racism 101

For me, a Pakistani commenting on the English language skills of another Pakistani is downright racist.

(Had to re-post this August 2008 post of mine today. Actress Meera is again being criticized for her English language skills. She may be a disaster but no one has a right to criticize her English. Ours is a racist society)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

'that' feeling

I : How does it feel when your blog does not get that much traffic?
Me: I once saw a guy sitting at the back of a commuter van. In front of him , couple of seats ahead, was an other guy who was chatting with the only girl in van. Although the guy kept watching outside the window as if he did not care but he did take a glance at them. 'why not me?' he must have thought. 'That' feeling.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


If you ever thought why only four provinces are represented on 14th August, why the customs and traditions of Northern areas are absent in any cultural representation of areas of Pakistan... then know this. They can not get Provincial status, representation in Parliament of Pakistan and constitutional rights bestowed upon the citizens of Pakistan because they are in a disputed territory. The Government of Pakistan is under obligation of UN resolutions on Kashmir which state that Pakistan can only have administrative rights over these areas and can not change their status (like naming it as a 5th province of Pakistan).

The recent Gilgit-Baltistan (Empowerment and Self Governance) Order 2009 is an attempt by the Pakistani Government to give more legislative powers to the locals. There will be a Governor, a Chief Minister and a legislative council. This will be more on pattern of Azad Kashmir Government. The idea is to give more autonomy and legislative powers to the inhabitants of these areas. But the problem of giving full constitutional cover to Gilgit-Baltistan still remains as after passage of 62 years. So how about solving this issue? I found this idea very neat and effective.

"This can be done by giving Gilgit-Baltistan provincial status on a purely provisional basis, pending the implementation of UN resolutions. If Pakistan does so now, after sixty years first of stalling and then of refusal by India to allow a plebiscite, there will be no breach of our international commitments, nor will such a step affect the sanctity of those resolutions, or absolve India of its obligation under international law to cooperate in their implementation. However, to preclude any misgivings, Pakistan will have to coordinate this step with the people and government of Azad Kashmir and with the APHC as the representative body of Kashmiris on the other side of the Line of Control. ..."
"... This should be followed by an amendment to the Pakistani Constitution, declaring that: (a) the final status of Jammu and Kashmir is to be decided through a plebiscite in accordance with UN resolutions; (b) until the final status of the state has been so determined, Pakistan admits it to the Federation on a provisional basis in accordance with the wish expressed by the elected representatives of the liberated territory; and (c) Pakistan remains committed to the implementation of the UN resolutions." - Asif Ezdi
read about it more here.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Signs That You Are a Blogger

- You think about issues around you in terms of blog posts.
- You have to share what you experienced lately.
- You keep a track on comments section on your site.
- You keep a track of visitors to your site.
- You visit popularity rating websites to know the ranking of your site.
- You have thought about Questions and your supposed Answers if you get interviewed as an author on any website.
- You 'think' that you write just for personal reasons.
- You come across weird search related visitors on your site.
- You keep complaining that you have suffered writing choke - still you write about it.
- There is at least one post in your 'draft' section.
- You expect admiration from other other blog writers for what you wrote.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dutch Girl Going Solo

A 13 year old Dutch girl wants to sail around the world! Excellent! just the fact that she wants to do it alone! Damn!

"A 13-year-old Dutch girl's plans to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world were temporarily blocked on Friday when a court placed her under state supervision for two months." Link

Good job court! My vote is for you!

When this issue was raised couple of days ago, it was reported that the parents of the girl supported her and thought it was a great idea. The concerned authorities feared that it was not a good idea letting a child sail solo as it was too dangerous. The matter went to court and the court decided to place her under supervision for two months under a psychologist and child protection agencies to evaluate how she will cope with this adventure. She was supposed to become the 'youngest solo sailor around the world'. The trip would take her 2 years.

I really do not think so. Its a totally bad idea. And here is why.

First. They are attempting to set a world record. 'Child protection' no where figures in this scenario, its all about setting a world record, of amending the Guinness Book of World Records. And that is the whole problem. Yes they will say she is properly trained, yes she says she is all set to go, yes they have provided everything that a sailor might possibly need... but she is a kid and you are her parents! God damn it!

Secondly. She is going solo. No one will be able to help her. She is not physically an adult so the physical strength required for such undertaking is not with her. Even Lance Armstrong needed support staff when he won the Tour de France. And that was on terra ferma! Then she is only 13 years old. You need to be absolutely 100% sure and mentally focussed to achieve such gigantic task. Its not that she'll sail for 24 hours and then come back. Its whole 2 years. I am a mature adult but cant stay away from my family!

She should not be allowed to leave solo. It is not about gender discrimination nor it is about parents inhibiting the 'creativity' factor of their children. Its purely about child protection. So court.. please don't let her leave!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jinnah and Jaswant - Subsequent Issues

Jaswant Singh, I assume, had the idea that there will be backlash. He was thrown out of BJP, that he may not have seen coming but extreme opposition to him must have been crystal clear to him. After all, he had L K Advani's case before him who was ostracized for praising Jinnah. Mind you, pakistanis are going berserk that he praised Jinnah. Jaswant holds Jinnah 'responsible' for partition but spreads the blame on Nehru and Patel as well. (Read this article of Aaker Patel)

Amongst the unleashed discussions, is the one favourite with pakistanis - whether Jinnah wanted an Islamic state or a secular one. The liberals quote his speech to the First Constituent Assembly on 11th August 1947 wherein he said

"You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State…."
The conservatives on the other hand say he wanted an Islamic state. For instance this quote of Jinnah made in Sibbi Darbar in 1948

"Let us lay the foundations of our democracy on the basis of truly Islamic ideals and principles. Our Almighty has taught us that our decisions in the affairs of the state shall be guided by discussion and consultations."

So what did he want? (Read this article by Pervez Hoodbhoy)

As for me.. frankly, I don't get it whats the fuss all about. Jinnah might or might not have campaigned for a homeland separate for muslims. What he definitely said 'afterwards' was that state will have no business with the religion of a person. Or you think its the otherway round?

Whats the big deal?

I was born after formation of Bangladesh. I did not even see united Pakistan. The answers of whether Jinnah wanted a pure Islamic state or a secular state make no difference whatsoever on my being a pakistani. I am a pakistani irrespective of whatever opinion you hold. Even after it being split in to two.

Talking of relations of state with minorities, 'persecution' of a minority by a state on any basis especially on basis of religion is abhorrent. This holds true if the state is secular or it is theocratic.So we should be ashamed of Gojra incident where christians were killed irrespective of what opinion you hold about Jinnah's ideals. This should not happen!

There are issues that have to be dealt with in earnest. On international scale - terrorism and our relationship with our neighbors. Whether Pakistan is Islamic or secular will have no bearings whatsoever on international relations which have to be maintained as 'GOOD'. India cannot destroy us nor we can bleed India to death - we have to live together if this mass of earth is to be improved than the rest.

Locally, we have much broader range of issues to deal with. Democracy, human rights, minority abuse, corruption, ineffective government, terrorism, religious extremism, constantly spiraling downward social indicators. Poverty is killing Pakistanis. Wake up brothers and sisters! Believe in whatever you think regarding what Jinnah thought.. just don't get bogged down in it. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

My Other Post

- Prophet Muhammad vs Ghazil Ilam Din

Saturday, August 22, 2009

PostMan's Law of Blogging Choke

You will face a situation where is no item to write about and you'll complain about it in the next post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Move Over 'Dark energry', 'Big Wave' is here!

Interesting times :) Scientists have proposed a 'new' theory to explain the expansion of universe. Its called 'Big Wave'.

Time for a bit of story telling. When some 15 billion years ago as the Big Bang occurred, the universe as we see came in to existence. All these stars and galaxies were formed. Our own solar system came in to existence some 5 billion years ago. When Newton discovered gravity, this had an ominous sign for our universe - it would ultimately collapse on itself due to gravity. To erase our fears of this inevitable crunch came Albert Einstein who proposed that Universe was 'expanding' rather than contracting. He arrived at this conclusion mathematically wherein to balance the force of gravity he introduced the 'cosmological constant' as the fudge factor. He himself admitted that it was the 'Biggest Blunder' he committed because it just did not make sense. This cosmological constant worked against the pull of gravity and thus enabled the universe to expand.

Turns out, the universe IS expanding as it was confirmed by Edwin Hubble in 1929 when he stumbled upon the red shift pattern of galaxies. As a light emitting body moves away from you, the strength of light decreases resulting in shifting towards the red end of the spectrum. But this was truly unsettling. What was causing the universe to expand? and why should it be expanding when it should be contracting instead? And what if it did not contract and kept on expanding? Will it result in the Big Rip in which everything will be torn apart?

But it was a general belief that ultimately the gravity will take over this cosmological constant so universe will become stationary if not start to contract. Fast forward to mid 1990s and scientists are boggled by the recent discovery that universe is not just expanding - its expanding very fast and its speed is rising!

The observations stated that the universe we see around us, had the visible matter of only 4%! Where the hell was the rest of 96% of our universes mass?! The Biggest Blunder of Cosmological Constant not only looked neat now but it had to be made to wear new clothes. In came the concepts of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Dark Energy constituted 74% of the matter and Dark Matter 22%. Dark Matter has been confirmed for its presence as it has affected objects near it but it can not be detected because the light does not interfere with it.

Dark Energy which constituted 74% of our universe's mass was still elusive. In fact it too is a fudge factor introduced to balance the mathematical equations. Now scientists have come up with a new explanation for the expansion of this universe. Call it a new opinion and its called 'Big Wave'. According to it the universe is not expanding rather a wave in space-time is making it 'appear' as if its expanding very fast. This Big wave was created by the Big Bang. Blake Temple of the University of California states it in the following manner.

Temple compared the wave to what happens when you throw a rock into a pond. In this case, the rock would be the Big Bang, and the concentric ripples that result are like a series of waves throughout the universe. Later on, when the first galaxies start to form, they are forming inside space-time that has already been displaced from where it would have been without the wave. So when we observe these galaxies with telescopes, they don't appear to be where we would expect if there had never been a big wave.
uh huh :)

Man is still searching for the 'truth'. Happy hunting.
And yeah you can read that again from the top :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Most Dumb Chain Mail

Call me whatever but this is the most dumb email chain I have ever read. Perhaps its my bias that is rating this email as numero uno dumb but I think it is. It has to be. We muslims are really in dumps and have no solution to our problems. Our responses to events show that only God can save us, only if HE ever wished to. Muslim society as a whole, in any country, is at an intellectual abyss. We totally lack the knowledge to understand and comprehend whats at stake and how to go about solving it. Not that muslims lack at scientific knowledge, we are '0' in religious knowledge too - not of any o9ther religion but ours! Islam!

Read the mail text.

The Power of Allah

Why a nun can be covered from head to toe and she's respected for devoting herself to God, but then a Muslimah does that, she's considered "oppressed"?

Why a Jew can grow a beard and he's just practicing his faith, and when a Muslim does that, he's an extremist?

a western woman stays at home to look after the house & kids she's sacrificing herself & doing good for the household, but when a Muslim woman does so, she "needs to be liberated"

Why is it that when a child dedicates himself to a subject, he has potential, and when a child dedicates himself to Islam, he is hopeless?

When a Christian kills someone, religion is not mentioned, (i. e. Irelandand the IRA) but when a Muslim is charged with a crime, it's Islam that goes to trial?

But then again, why is it after all that, Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world?

Take 60 seconds and give this a shot!

Let's just see if Satan stops this one. All you do is:

1... Say:

a- Subhaan-Allah (God is Exalted)

b- Alhamdu-Lillah (All praise is for God)

c- Allaahu-Akbar (God is great)

d- Laa Ilaaha Illa-Allaahu - Muhammad-ur- Rasoolullah (there is no god but God. Prophet Muhammad is the messenger)

e- Allaahumma Salli Alaa Sayyidina Muhammad wa Alaa Aalihi wa Sahabihi Wasallim

2. Then: Send it on to five other people or more. Within hours, five people have prayed and you caused a multitude of people to pray to Allah, and

3. Then: Sit back and watch the power of Allah work in your life for doing the thing that you know HE loves

See the procedure to deal with the questions? just praise God and everything will be OK. Amazing is it not?

We have to ameliorate ourselves. We have to get out of this closed mentality of ours. No one is conspiring against Islam - not jews, not USA, not hindus but us! We are our own worst enemy.

Education is the key for unlocking the doors to the Problem Redress Section. 'Infidel' knowledge of science can help muslim countries unlock the raw potential they have and start utilizing it for themselves. No muslim country can match the GDP of any other 'infidel' country. They cant match even when all of them combine!

Muslim societies have to open up - to more opinion, ideas, discussion regarding social issues and Islam. Discussion about Islam is like going in a dark tunnel, no one dares to go there. We HAVE to go there. We have to face issues that confront us regarding our religion - issues of democracy and Islam, of women rights, of relationship with minorities, of laws implemented as sharia or in the name of sharia. No more 'Islam is peacful and the best religion'. Deal with the issues to show that its best. Do something!

But wait.. I think I know the solution..
*repeating steps 1-3 in mail*

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prophet Muhammad vs Ghazi Ilam Din

Who do you like the most? Prophet Muhammad or Ghazi Ilam din shaheed? (Ghazi was the person who killed the publisher of the book considered blasphemous by muslims in 1929). If your answer is Prophet Muhammad... think again.

Ok. Tell me. is Islam peaceful? If the treatment to non-muslims in Pakistan is to be believed.. then Hell No!

But first, I want to congratulate my muslim brethren on murdering the 7 infidel christians in Gojra in the past couple of days. I also felicitate them on killing 2 more yesterday in Muridke on charges of blasphemy. Excellent work indeed.

Now coming back to the my initial question. presenting my first case.

As a student, we used to study and hear this story about Prophet Muhammad. At the start of his preaching of Islam in Mecca, he went to an area called Ta'aif. We are told that he was cursed and thrown stones at. So much he had to endure that his slippers were soaked in his blood. Still he did not say a word to them and actually prayed for their blessing.

Compare this to my second case. Ghazi Ilam Din was a very ordinary muslim. In 1929, he heard a religious scholar talking about a person who had written a book against Prophet Muhammad. This enraged the young man and upon inquiries it was revealed that the publisher was based in Lahore. Ghazi killed the publisher of this book and for which he was hanged.

If you think that you would adopt the way of the Prophet then you are obviously wrong. You wont. You will go the path of Ghazi Ilam Din and beat the crap out of everyone. Just as we did in case of those infamous cartoons that were published in Denmark.

7:199 - Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant.

Well No Sir! Who cares what Quran says! We know the best way to deal with those scum bags! Frankly, Quran talks trash when it says..

16:125 - Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.

See. God does not understand what He is talking about. We muslims know way better how to defend Islam! We even have a specific blasphemy law in Pakistan. Under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code anyone can be sentenced to death of found guilty of it. Psst. we rather prefer burning and killing religious minorities in Pakistan on this one without court proceedings cuz hey.. we also have to do other work too! Who can take time out for judicial course to take its time?

Trust me.. Not even God can stop this madness that we Pakistanis are afflicted with. We are more on path of Ghazi Ilam Din than Prophet Muhammad.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pakistani Civility

A pedestrian on footpath was told by the motorcyclist coming behind him as to why he was not getting aside even as the motorcyclist was honking the horns?

Dumbass pedestrian.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


"Mom leaves two kids alone while she works at strip club"
(Orlando Sentinel)

Ok what is the first thought that came into your mind? 'Horrible' I would assume? You can be forgiven for that really.

"A 26-year-old mother of two is accused of leaving her young daughters home alone while she worked at a Brevard County strip club. Fiordaliza Collado-Ramirez of Palm Bay is facing charges of child neglect, according to police. Police went to an apartment in the 300 block of Mercury Avenue at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday after a neighbor called and said one child -- a 5-year-old girl -- was on a balcony. The other child, a 4-year-old girl, was ill and lying on a couch, police said.

I do not know what the laws are for child neglect in US. I even do not know what were the intentions of that woman but I am dead sure majority of people wold have called her a whore. I am not an angel as well. Instead, I was thinking of something else. What if she 'had' to go to strip club so that she could earn for her children? Had she not, she would have lost perhaps even this opportunity to earn for her children?

I can relate this story to another form of employment as well, its called Prostitution. Everybody it seems hates the word and the profession - still its a thriving business. Prostitution in Pakistan is a taboo word. You can 'avail' the services but make sure yo do not talk about it because its the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Sssh. Things like this do not happen here.

Prostitution is the most abusive form of employment - especially in Pakistan. Poverty really is a curse. Most of the women that end up in this hole are from impoverished environments. Poor girls are told there is work opportunity is big cities so they can support their families. Others have children to feed and no source of income. Usually their husbands are abusive or drug addicts. Majority of them are themselves drug addicts and thus end up being abused. Their 'benefactors' take all the benefits and leave them to do the labour.

Then there is a group who 'analyzes' the prostitutes and prostitution business - like what I am doing right now. We are the true definition of vultures. At one side of the divide, there is the conservative camp who in totality want this practice to be abolished in Pakistan and not a word to be uttered. On the other hand we have the liberal who say that since prostitution can not ever be eradicated therefore it should be legalized so that 'worker abuse' is minimized and better health care provisions be administered.

My issue with the Right camp is that 'total abolition' of it is almost impossible as 'demand' side is the thing that will never cease. I also have issues with liberals who basically want institutionalization of an exploitation. Yes I agree that regulations are required in this area because employer abuse with regards to employee is rampant and a huge area of health hazards is totally unheeded.

What is missing is the 'alternatives' for women in this profession. No one discusses options to 'lure' them somehow from it, perhaps vocational training, social loans so that they can start some business, state or NGO protection where they can lead some normal life at least. Yes I know Prostitution can never be eliminated, there are people in it who earn a hell load of money and it IS lucrative business and that men will never run out of sex appetite. But at least one should do something for the 'majority' of women who do not want to be part of it and want a normal decent life.

Kudos to them. Or is it Adios from our side?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Menstruation and Religious Duties


Funny topic eh? Appears so... but it is not.

Ask any muslim woman whether she performs religious duty (say prayers) while she is menstruating and she will reply 'No'. The common knowledge is that the state of menstruation is 'unclean' so one has to stay away from religious duties. To approach them one requires 'cleanliness and purity' so when she is menstruating, its good-bye prayers, fasting, pilgrimage etc. This prevents women from performing their religious duties even if they want to. How is it possible that you and God are incommunicado for 5-6 days? If HE is the creator, HE should have seen this coming!

The only trouble for me is.. that it is no where mentioned in the Quran that a woman is not allowed to say her prayers when she is menstruating. Yes menstruation is mentioned in Quran but its only in the context of sexual intercourse and that it should not be done.

2:222 - they ask thee concerning women's courses. Say: They are a hurt and a pollution: So keep away from women in their courses, and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they have purified themselves, ye may approach them in any manner, time, or place ordained for you by Allah.

Now one would assume that since menstruation is 'unclean' so naturally prayers are out of question. Interestingly, the verse that mentions the preparatory phase of prayers also includes the 'state' wherein a prayer is not allowed - and that does not mention menstruation.

05:06 - O ye who believe! when ye prepare for prayer, wash your faces, and your hands (and arms) to the elbows; Rub your heads (with water); and (wash) your feet to the ankles. If ye are in a state of ceremonial impurity, bathe your whole body. But if ye are ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh from offices of nature, or ye have been in contact with women, and ye find no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith your faces and hands, Allah doth not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to make you clean, and to complete his favour to you, that ye may be grateful.

Checked the highlighted words? It means that if anyone, regardless of gender, has had sexual intercourse then he/she requires bathing. That is the only condition. It no where mentions menstruation.

Check another verse.

4:43 - O ye who believe! Approach not prayers with a mind befogged, until ye can understand all that ye say,- nor in a state of ceremonial impurity (Except when travelling on the road), until after washing your whole body. If ye are ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh from offices of nature, or ye have been in contact with women, and ye find no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith your faces and hands. For Allah doth blot out sins and forgive again and again.

Still no indication that God has disallowed women not to perform religious duties while menstruating.

Mind you, I am not talking about whether women should pray while in that situation. Not everyone of them can because its too hard for them to do anything but those women who want to perform their religious duties, there should be no 'religious injunction' prohibiting them to do so.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Pants Are Not Shariah Compliant

Pants are not shariah compliant because they do not hold the same amount of air that a shalwar* would hold when your blow air into it to remain afloat in turbulent waters**.

That is the only reason I can come up with.

*shalwar - baggy pants that Pakistani men usually wear.

** If you fill shalwar with air and then immerse in water, you remain afloat. Common technique used by amateur Pakistani swimmers when swimming in ponds or river. See Pic No. 20. P.S: Awesome pictures by Boston Globe. A Must See.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pakistani Cricket and Erectile Dysfunction

Pakistani cricket team is afflicted with Erectile Dysfunction syndrome. They cant make a stand when its needed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Exam Phobia

I was/am not a good student. I was not that type that prepared notes, listened actively to what the teacher was saying, 'competed' with the top notch students.. never did any of that thing. The maximum position I got was 6th I guess in my class and that was not even the Final exams. The worst if I can remember was 16th position. So I was one of those that teachers do not remember. They only remember the good and the bad. Thank God my mama does not consider me 'ugly' and I'll take that as a popular opinion too.

The way i fared in exams was due a lot to way my father approached it:p He never ever asked me to 'do excellently' in exams. He had only one question to ask 'Did you clear?' and my answer was always 'yes'. Thats it. I do not know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing for me because it definitely had one impact one me - I got no exam pressure. The bad thing, 'perhaps', is that I never got serious for exams. You know, good students get opportunities kinda stuff?

Talking of exam pressure, different people get different treatment 'from' exams. Some get tense, some people cant sleep, some people have upset stomach.. mine was pecuilar. I got abundant supply of sleep! If i sleep around 12 at midnight, in exam days I would be asleep at around 10! I have absolutely no idea why! Perhaps it was my escapism but whatever the case, most of the times I would want to sleep. In the most important exam of a pakistani student, the 10th grade Final exam (board exam) is considered to be the first major battle. I remember, in preparation for this exam, I had a small diary with me alongside a transistor! yup you read that right, a god damn radio! I had noted all the frequencies of various radio channels. Apparently, i was not just content with that because I had also 'drawn' the frequencies with needle position alongside the noting!

The country's elitist exam, perhaps, the Civil Superior Services - I gave that too. People spend almost a year preparing for it. How did I prepare for it? A month before when the datesheet for exams came. Thats the reason I could not make it to top 100. Thats the reason I am writing this blog post :p

The approach to exams did change I must admit. Since my arrival in professional world and in this day and age of competition, one is forced to take professional certification exams. And they cost like hell! I have undertaken more than a couple of them and man they require more than a weeks preparation! Money is after all thicker than everything! I was not afraid of the exam but the thought of losing such humongous amount of money made me quiver! One is tempted to ask "why the hell did I do so?".

I believe our older generations were much better than ours. Seriously. They finished school, college and university. Thats it. No more studies. To hell with exams and everything. We, on the other hand, keep singing this song.. 'imtihan hay, tera imtihan hay'.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Me, Myself, Appraisal & Boss

(with due respects to Rafi and Aasha Bhosle)

Boss: kya daikhtay ho...
Me: soorat tumhari..
Boss: kya chahtay ho...
Me: chahat tumhari... (good rating)
Boss: 'na' hum jo keh dain..
Me: keh na sako gi.. (dumbass. You have already said No)
Boss: lagti nahi theek niyyat tumhari (Me: of course! I want to skin you alive!)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

They Did It!

Pakistan won the Twenty-20 World Cup! Unbelievable really.

I had no where even imagined that Pakistani cricket team will win this world cup. This team had no prepared well leading to this world cup, cricket activities were bottom low when Australians had decided they will not be coming to Pakistan for security reasons, then the 'gracious' Sri Lankan's came who were given a nightmare in Lahore which they will not forget. The start for this world cup was horrible as Pakistani team lost the two warm up matches. Then came the news that things were not OK in the Pakistani camp as the captain and the manager were at loggerheads regarding 'the plans' (if there were any).

And still 'they' did it! I have to mention 'they' because no one had even thought that they'll reach the semi finals let alone win the world cup! So the Pakistani cricket team really did it. They even did it with clinical precision. How on earth Pakistan can win by batting second and that too by 8 wickets?! Hell No way! And the way they bowled in the start of the Sri Lankan inning was very professional.

The final with Sri Lanka was more than symbolic as last time they had met, tragedy struck in Lahore when terrorists opened fire at their bus as they were leaving for the stadium. They ultimately had to be taken out of stadium by a helicopter and left Pakistan the same night. The terrorists had struck at the heart of Pakistanis - the game of cricket. The look on every Pakistani's face that day was as if someone dear had passed away. Pakistani fans could not believe that this would be happening to them. And yesterday both of them were fighting it out to claim the throne of champions!

Terrorism lost! Cricket won! 'We' Won! Congrats!

Friday, June 19, 2009

From Pak Army With Love - Baitullah Mehsud.

Great. Now every sort of Qari and Mullah is getting the media limelight who is against Baitullah Mehsud, ex-lover of Pakistan Army. In a move that appears more like a jilted lovers attempt to malign its ex.. and 'Oh I so hate you!' approach, Baitullah Mehsud is now the worst thing that could have happened to Pakistani society. He is an 'indian agent', working against 'Islam' and 'Pakistan', he is on the pay roll of CIA. Amazingly, Israel has no where yet emerged on the accusation list.. but I knew all along that Baitullah was a jew!

Anyways, suddenly a group of 'good' Taliban has emerged. Good in the sense that they do not want destabilized Pakistan, they are against suicide bombings and targeting fellow muslims. They just oppose the presence of 'infidel;' forces on Afghanistan's soil. These Talibans are innocent and the real mother of all idiots is Baitullah Mehsud. They said this all along but dumb-ass Pakistani government was not listening.

So it does appear now that Pakistan Army will not leave Taliban as a tool for any future interference in Pakistan as well as using them for protection of western borders in case India tries something adventurous from Eastern side. Now this is really 'unlucky' Pakistan. We had a great chance to disband with this band of thugs and mercenaries as the 'tide of goodwill' was on our side but No. We still have some ideas of strategic depth somewhere.. abyss seems more appropriate.

All those army officers, non-commissioned officers, security personnel, innocent civilians who lost their lives for this country.. Pakistan army has still some plans up its sleeve. I just hope I am terribly wrong. Baitullah Mehsud will be out of the picture soon and 'good and pious' Taliban will be left. Peace!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Coke Studio

Frankly, I was in anticipation of Coke Studio second season this year as the first one's brilliance had left me totally speechless. There is something about Coke Studio really.. it makes my hair rise and leaves me teary eyed! Ok I now am a complete certified 'infidel'.. but I have to admit its true! Anyways.. the latest episode was anything but marvelous.

First up was Jawad Bashir of Mekal Hasan Band. I tell you what. Listening to what he sang (of Nusrat Fateh Ali), you could feel as if you were calmly asleep in your bed in the middle of the night and suddenly a freight train passes adjacent to your home with no brakes on it! He hits you that hard! He is very underrated as a singer and in Mekal Hasan Band he gets overshadowd by the giant Mekal Hasan. It was amazing watching him singing 'aj latha naeeon'. The guy has amazing vocal dexterity. You have not seen anything like this before.. trust me.

Next up, was Zeb & Haniye. Ok I might be prejudiced as they belong to my province but they DO sing well and their songs are really nice. I was in anticipation of their song 'paimona'. I thought it was in Pushto! whereas it was in darri/ persian. At first I could not understand a word of the song as I was trying to figure out pushto words in it :p The song was nice but since Jawad Bashir in his previous song had brought the house down so it kinda felt too slow. It was a nice slow number.

Then it was the turn of Atif Aslam. Ok I admit it. I hate this guy. And thank God that I am not a girl! cuz otherwise I would have loved him! The guy has scores of female fans and if I were ever to write on topic 'why its good to be a man' then I would definitely put this reason at the top! I agree I do not compare with him at all when it comes to singing but the truth is.. he can't sing. He DEFINITELY has a different voice.. but he can't sing.

You guys must have heard his stint with Alka Yagnik in one of the Bollywood films, I dont know which one, but the song goes like 'Ba khuda, tumhi ho.. her jaga tum he ho'. I swear. It was a disaster. Alka seems to be spanking him in the song! She seems to be treating Atif like 'behave kid! this is not the way to sing it! Do it this way as I am doing it!' I want to hide somewhere when I hear that song because of the Indian drubbing that Pakistan received!

His song, ok it was nice. I bet Rohail Hayat, the producer of Coke Studio, must have done something otherwise he is not that good. Yes I am prejudiced! So what! its my blog!

Then it was the turn of our very own singing genius Shafqat Amanat Ali. I honestly cannot comment on him because otherwise it would be like I commenting on cricket of Geoffry Boycott. Seriously. This guy is good. 'Khamaj' is a classic of Fusion group. This version of Khamaj was even more stripped down with focus only on vocals and Shafqat is a pro at that.

Then it was the turn of Noori with Sayein Zahoor. It was weird really! The rock band and the sufi singer who sings at mausoleums. But the fusion went well with Hamza keeping his feet well ground in the end.

All in all a very nice episode. Music was excellent.

You can listen to all the songs of the episode at

Saturday, June 13, 2009

PostMan's Law of Pakistani Cricket Team

The probability of Pakistani cricket team moving to the next round in a tournament depends upon some other team in an other group loosing to an other by a certain margin.

PostMan's Fact on Pakistani Cricket Team

Pakistani Team cant.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bye Bye PC

Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar, the only 5-star hotel in Peshawar got the drubbing through bombing. As of now, it seems that it was not a suicide bombing attempt rather the militants 'walked away' - to put the term. Peshawar has seen spate of bombing attacks and there seems no respite from it. The city is already closed from 3 sides where it borders the tribal agencies and now it appears as if no one wants to go to Peshawar - even locals fear going out.

(picture courtesy of Hotel's website)

When the Rescue 15 Building was bombed just few days ago in Lahore, we friends were discussing how the militants (in that case suicide bombers) first shot at the security guards and then tried to take in the explosive laden vehicle. We agreed that there should have been a second line of defense, more protected (roof tops e.g.) for the security guards that in case the front line falls, the second line will be able to counter it.

The video footage released by the CCTv cameras clearly shows that first a car came in through the gate, they neutralized the front security guards and then came in followed in by the explosive laden pickup. And then they left the building, most probably, because till date no bodies of suspected suicide bombers have been found. Amazing!

There was a serious lack of security in this case. There was no line of defense for the security guards to prevent such attacks. If the militants can over-power the first line of defense.. its easy pickings for them. Peshawar which is already on high alert and has witnessed bomb attacks, PC hotel being the prime target, I am sorry to say that this was not the type of security that was being expected. It resulted in the loss innocent precious lives that could have been averted.

One wonders what is next now that they have crushed the only 5 star hotel of Peshawar? The only Fort of Peshawar? Mind you which is just a few walk away from the hotel.

Balahisar Fort - Peshawar
(Courtesy WebShots)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 3

My uncle narrated this to me.

An Income Tax official once asked for a 'favour'. I went to his home and he was sitting on the prayer mat praying. As he finished the prayers he lifted a corner of the prayer mat and turned it towards himself.. he then pointed out to me the place and told me to keep the money 'there'. He said he does not take bribe.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 2

An Excise & Taxation police official hauled me over the road as I was driving to office. He asked me for my car registration book which I did not have at that time. When I asked him 'what now?' - he replied that I can 'help' him. I gave him a currency note of certain denomination and he said "Saab (Sir/ Sahib) please don't give me this money as bribe, give it to me as a gift as I am poor and have children. I do not want bribe".

So I did.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


My daughter, who till now spoke excellent Greek, has started using words that I understand. Am I learning Greek or her language is getting influenced by other languages?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 1

A taxi driver narrated to me the following. Taxi drivers are prone to bribing traffic police officials.

As I was ordered to stop by a traffic constable to stop, I thought this time I might get away by only giving few rupee as bribe but he dashed my hopes by saying that I better go meet his boss on motorcycle. (A higher grade officer is given a motorcycle). As I approached him with my books and a Rs. 50 alongside them, he became angry at once!

"Are you trying to bribe me! Don't you know who I am!"

The taxi driver got worried as to what the hell he landed himself in by giving him the money. He said "Of course not you sir!" to which the police officer replied "better! give me a 100!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

IDPs & Settlement Issues

This is for anyone who is opposed to IDP's settlement in any province of Pakistan... FUCK OFF! Racist thugs!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Clerics, Taliban, IDPs and Swat

Well finally they have spoken... the conference of religious scholars has endorsed the military action backed by Govt against the Taliban. "The Ulema and Mashaikh of Ahle-Sunnat on Sunday unanimously called for decisive action against the militants, saying the agenda of the Taliban was benefiting the country’s enemies and was against the basics of Islam", news report.

This should have been done long time ago. When Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) goons were out 'purifying' the society, these scholars were backing them. When Taliban ruled the roost in Afghanistan, they cheered for them because they represented 'the society at the time of Prophet Muhammad'. Duh. One never came across an opposing argument from these clergy when Taliban went around spreading horror with their 'innocent wish' of 'asking for implementation of shariah'.

But its a good sign even if they did it 'because the tide was turning against Taliban'. They are a menace to the society so they have to be opposed by Pakistanis in unequivocal terms for their own good. Its not just Taliban per se, but the 'mentality' that goes with them which says that a certain belief has to be implemented on to the society with force. That one can do anything they like just because they are doing it for the cause of Islam. The scholars came up with the wording that implementation of shariah by force and taking up arms against state are totally wrong. This might not help now but at least holds good for the future where they have maintained a stance against Taliban and their ilk.

On the other hand, Military it seems is taking it seriously this time around. The operation is intense against the militants with their PR maintaining that '1000 taliban have been killed with quite a lot of foreign fighters'. Well, the truth will be out in the open sooner than later so we should take their statements as just what they are... statements.

A huge number of Internally Displaced People has been reported. Around 1.3 million are being housed in various camps around Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda etc. Relief work is fast picking up pace with private organizations being more productive than Govt. This is the largest displacement of people in Pakistan's history and its a tale of misery and suffering. There is urgent need of food and shelter required for them. Not only this, the editorial of The News had this shocking revelation that Taliban people are prowling for boys and girls in camps to get them recruited for them as well as to use them as human shields and other (plainly sick) people are here to get hold of these children to use them in sex industry. How sick people can get?

Anyways, the IDPs want the Taliban out of their places and want Govt to 'sincerely' do it this time as they have left their homes for it. If the Govt and military have any idea of what is in store for Pakistan in the future then they will take care of IDPs, do well to win their 'hearts and minds' and definitely will have to route the Taliban phenomenon. Its Good bye otherwise.

Please donate generously. Its your future at stake.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009


This is a very common sight in Karachi.

No. I am not talking about the 3 people on bike... though it is common.
I am also not talking about the full covering black hijab... that too is common.
I am talking about that kid who is being held by his mum (most probably) and I have issues with that!

Its so damn dangerous! First of all 2 wheels are unsafe as compared to four wheels. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a car and they find motorcycle to be the only mode of affordable transportation in Karachi since Karachi lacks a proper functioning public transport system. I have my own car and my daughter is much safe but whenever I see other people's kid like that on motorcycles.. my heart melts I swear. No wonder we don't thank God for His bounties.

I have seen kids on motorcycles with held breath because they are vulnerable to God forbid any accident. I have seen children on the arms of father while father is holding the handles of the bike driving. I have seen children sleeping while sitting at the back and holding on to the driver (we once had to point out that to a motorcyclist). I once saw a person driving the motorcycle like hell and the kid at the back was clinging on him, what the hell was he thinking?!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Very Origenal

Another good quality product picture from my mobile phone. The statement says "This monogram is a sign of Origenal NPI".

The post is not about whether wrong spellings make it funny, the post is about 'why' I took the pic and decided to share it! Am I that snob that I point out spelling and grammar mistakes in another persons language which is not his mother tongue (or even if its mother tongue so what?). How would I feel if a Frenchman pointed out mistake in my French language statement and posted about it?

Very Origenal eh?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Only in Peshawar

Important Notice: Be sure to carry all your belongings while you leave - mobile phones, cash and weapons. We will not be responsible otherwise.

(Photo by author)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monday, April 06, 2009

Halal Pencil

I have a pencil in my hand and it says 'Halal'. I am just wondering when I am going to eat it.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

PostMan Law of 'Beliefs'

'Beliefs have no logic behind them. That is why they are called beliefs'. The person making this statement will have full belief in it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

PostMans Law of Taxi Rides

The cab driver will take the shortest route to destination known to him no matter how long it takes.