Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Secular Taliban

No I aint wrong. This is exactly the term I want to use.

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine on a certain issue. The person claims himself to be an a-theist and presents himself as a very logical and sensible person when trying to discuss things. Usually he is :p

He and I always have opposite opinions and we always end up fighting. But this is our relationship and we both have no problems with that. In fact the camaraderie is more in fact due to this. Before this cyber-warfare between us... it had always been verbal. We both shouted at each other in the heat of the moment and then went ok.

Now. He has deleted my comment. On his website were we were having a discussion. He did that once before and I had asked him to which he feigned ignorance. This time there is a message saying my message has been deleted. Say! something is different in cyberspace eh? Earlier, at least, the air surrounding us absorbed our opinions and did not delete them.

But it does not matter. Opposing view points are really hard to swallow - for taliban or for secular souls.



Nasir said...

I have deleted your two comments.

Long winded arguments create confusion in the mind of readers, we are not discussing these things face to face. There is certainly a difference.

In fact all your previous arguments are already there, and discussion can continue when and if you reply to my last question and do not post another troll on the blog.

Furthermore i have spammed more comments on my blog then i have approved, most of these comments were like.

nice post, nice blog etc. I do not want clutter on my blog.

PS: When are you inviting me for dinner?

PostMan said...

Long winded for some are clear cut for others. Its totally subjective.

When you have enabled comments sections.. ensure that peoples comments are NOT DELETED. This is utter disrespect. Be courteous, internet is not your fiefdom.

Do delete abusive comments or Spam but do not delete the comments which you deem yourself to be confusing for others. Let the reader decide for himself what it is, they are not idiots.

Let the best moron win!

Minerva said...

Aaah, so it's one of those r/ships.

Postman, in my experience it's never a good idea to poke at opposing viewpoints. You get your ass kicked with a bitter taste in the mouth and the friendship still holds the taste for a long time.

I had a similar debate with someone very close to me about Taliban and it ended up riding far into domains of God (she was a strict believer) and Islam (I have my reservations - she's quite blind when it comes to ahadeeth like.. "God hates women who ride horses") and everything else related.

It was not pretty.

If you're capable of holding a friendship beyond these parameters, you're lucky. Opposing viewpoints don't always mean you can't be friends.. but things like comments being deleted and her telling me that she doesn't ever want to discuss anything related to God and Religion with me ever again... will always end up happening.

Nasir said...

Certainly internet is not, but my domain is my property.

Furthermore comments section is not a forum, also it is not about winning or losing it is about keeping the flow of comment stream organized.

Because of controversial nature of my blog it is more important for me to stringently moderate comments.In the spirit of this discussion i have restored your comment, but i will not be replying to it because for me the discussion is going the wrong way.

Good Luck.

PostMan said...

@minerva. No one can kick my ass! I wear metal undi inscribed with 'Made in China' in arabic! Arabic is the language of our holy book so one can touch me! Only the infidels can!

Damn. Achilles ass err heel.

@nasir. Thank you sir! Thats much better you know. Let the readers decide where 'I' was wrong.. which I can be as 'you' can too :p

And yeah I know your blog 'oh so controversial'!

Majaz said...

LOLLLLL @ Postman's comment!

Send those to Taliban! :P

Nasir said...

"He did that once before and I had asked him to which he feigned ignorance."

Which one is this? I did not delete any other comments of your's infact my first ever comment on your blog is missing, the one we talked about on phone, the one to which you fave feigned ignorance :)

Sophi said...

do anyone need my dagger? :|
it's charges are quite nominal

dwi said...

Hi PostMan....The topics you presented are interesting matter and useful. Salam from Indonesia....

Anonymous said...

Hey damn you...remove me from the blog roll- the new address shows- AQUA

Nasir said...

You cannot write from Peshawar. Your blog has gone stale.

PostMan said...

@dwi - and thanks from Pakistan dwi :)

@AQUA - done

@Nasir - In peshawar, you either save your ass from suicide bombers or blog! I preferred the former.

Nasir said...

aab eisay bhi halat nahin.