Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racism 101

For me, a Pakistani commenting on the English language skills of another Pakistani is downright racist.

(Had to re-post this August 2008 post of mine today. Actress Meera is again being criticized for her English language skills. She may be a disaster but no one has a right to criticize her English. Ours is a racist society)


adeel said...

>Ours is a racist society
O damn right it is. If the world got a hint about it, they'd forget we spawned the Taliban.

Minerva said...

Meera is mainly famous for the idiotic things she says (in any language whatsoever) and secondly for her poor language skills.

Please don't defend her. She's a disgrace to Paki entertainment.

PostMan said...

hey hey ho!
Nobody is defending Meera! *gasp* I am talking about angrezi and being brown sahib!
Focus Minerva focus :)

Minerva said...

Well, it kinda seemed like you were out there defending our "Namberr Von" actress for a minute there.