Saturday, September 12, 2009

'that' feeling

I : How does it feel when your blog does not get that much traffic?
Me: I once saw a guy sitting at the back of a commuter van. In front of him , couple of seats ahead, was an other guy who was chatting with the only girl in van. Although the guy kept watching outside the window as if he did not care but he did take a glance at them. 'why not me?' he must have thought. 'That' feeling.


a fan said...

:) the grass is always greener on the other side.
maybe, that girl was actually eating his brain out and the front guy was feeling,"why me?" ;)

PostMan said...

of course when I will get huge number of visitors.. I'll stop counting how many and will focus on quality only :p

till that point.. 'why not me?!'

Awais said...

Lolz. Aptly described :D

Minerva said...

Man I hate bloggers who write for readers.

Please don't be one of them.

PostMan said...

What types are those who write for readers Minerva? :)

Minerva said...

People who'll write just about anything to capture attention and you'll get that gut feeling reading their blogs that when they were writing, they only kept a target audience in mind.

And then they claim it's a personal space.

Right. And the internet is a private channel that only transmits good things.