Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prophet Muhammad vs Ghazi Ilam Din

Who do you like the most? Prophet Muhammad or Ghazi Ilam din shaheed? (Ghazi was the person who killed the publisher of the book considered blasphemous by muslims in 1929). If your answer is Prophet Muhammad... think again.

Ok. Tell me. is Islam peaceful? If the treatment to non-muslims in Pakistan is to be believed.. then Hell No!

But first, I want to congratulate my muslim brethren on murdering the 7 infidel christians in Gojra in the past couple of days. I also felicitate them on killing 2 more yesterday in Muridke on charges of blasphemy. Excellent work indeed.

Now coming back to the my initial question. presenting my first case.

As a student, we used to study and hear this story about Prophet Muhammad. At the start of his preaching of Islam in Mecca, he went to an area called Ta'aif. We are told that he was cursed and thrown stones at. So much he had to endure that his slippers were soaked in his blood. Still he did not say a word to them and actually prayed for their blessing.

Compare this to my second case. Ghazi Ilam Din was a very ordinary muslim. In 1929, he heard a religious scholar talking about a person who had written a book against Prophet Muhammad. This enraged the young man and upon inquiries it was revealed that the publisher was based in Lahore. Ghazi killed the publisher of this book and for which he was hanged.

If you think that you would adopt the way of the Prophet then you are obviously wrong. You wont. You will go the path of Ghazi Ilam Din and beat the crap out of everyone. Just as we did in case of those infamous cartoons that were published in Denmark.

7:199 - Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant.

Well No Sir! Who cares what Quran says! We know the best way to deal with those scum bags! Frankly, Quran talks trash when it says..

16:125 - Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.

See. God does not understand what He is talking about. We muslims know way better how to defend Islam! We even have a specific blasphemy law in Pakistan. Under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code anyone can be sentenced to death of found guilty of it. Psst. we rather prefer burning and killing religious minorities in Pakistan on this one without court proceedings cuz hey.. we also have to do other work too! Who can take time out for judicial course to take its time?

Trust me.. Not even God can stop this madness that we Pakistanis are afflicted with. We are more on path of Ghazi Ilam Din than Prophet Muhammad.


a fan said...

Hubble Deep Field

It amazes and humbles one instantly, atleast me :)

PostMan said...

Amazing :)
We are 'nothing' I swear...

Anonymous said...

I disagree... If people also bother reading into the seerah of RasoolAllah saws they'll find numerous incidents where the Prophet saws himself or the sahaba killed people for blasphemy/insult to rasoolAllah saws.

One incident i can recall from the top of my head is of when rasoolAllah saws returned to Mecca after conquering it [conquest of Mecca], everyone was let free, except for a few handpicked, and among those were those who although hadnt fought any wars against the Prophet saws but had been firstmost in their propoganda against Islam with poetry, writings, spreading lies, insulting rasoolAllah saws.

PostMan said...

Thanks for the comments PurpleDrifter :)

I respectfully disagree too :)

can you narrate to me any incident where prophets before Muhammad took the revenge for the preaching they did? Or was it God that did it? (aad, thamoud, noah etc)

Anonymous said...

There was a difference between his attitude to his opponents when he was in Mekka, where he had almost no power and couldn't do anything to his opponents and the when he was in Medina where he had gained enough power to crush his opponents. More power also led to more brutality.

Shiva said...

If you look carefully into the seerah, you'll find that the historical accounts of the Prophet (saws) ordering blasphemers to be slain was a result of their treason and not merely their blasphemy. Treason often comes hand in hand with blasphemy, so it is not surprising that the people whom the Prophet (saws) ordered to be killed were blasphemers.
Although many, many scholars are in full support of blasphemy laws (execution), with all due respect, I find them deeply embedded in wronghood and they are sadly overlooking the countless examples of the Prophet (saws) expression of mercy to all sorts and kinds of people. Incidents must be interpreted based on the general scope of knowledge we have about Islam and the Prophet (saws). In other words, you have to put single incidents into the perspective of Islam as whole. If you don't do that, then it's very easy to find contradictions between ahadith and the Quran.