Monday, December 18, 2006


Islam does not enjoin any particular dress for men and women as according to Quran the best dress is that of Taqwa (7:26) i.e. of righteoussness/ modesty. Only one verse talks of specifics and that is (24:31) which states what areas should be covered whereas (33:59) does not talk of 'veil' as specific dress rather a garment that would cover a woman's body.

Whenever it is said that 'veil' is not mentioned in Islam, it is assumed that one is proposing that veil/ covering or protection of any sort should be abandoned. A sort of clash between secular and islamists camps. This is not the case at all as no one is suggesting that they be done away with. Clothing and subsequently 'veil' are all cultural issues. Muslims in Indonesia, Pakistan , Saudi Arabia and North Africa dress differently and accordingly to their culture. The Tuareg of West Africa, mainly muslims, have the most distinct symbol of veil called Tagelmust. Its a blue indigo coloured veil and interestingly 'men' use veil and women do not! this does not make them 'non-muslims'.

Quran does not go into specifics of dress because this would be illogical in the diverse multi-cultured world. So if anyone wants to use burqa/ veil they are more than welcome but it should not be imposed upon people as specifics of God which obviously it is not. A dress should conform to norms of decency (as stated in Quran) irrespective of 'what' it actually is.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Boycott Nirala Sweets'

"Oh No! Not again!" was my first reaction when I received this forwarding in mail. As I was clicking that mail to read I was thinking that somehow an American or Israeli connection would be established (perhaps the ingredients from israel sort of thing) and then we "muslims" will be told to boycott the manufactured sweets.

Well this was not the case. As I read the story my anger and disgust at the quoted incident grew more and more. A son of very famous and rich sweet merchant of this country while racing his Porsche slammed into another vehicle killing a 2 month baby of a couple and seriously injuring them. Police did not register the case against him because he used his connections and then he threatened the family of that couple that they'll be straightened out if they registered a case against him. How awful can it get.

I totally agree with the statement in that mail that "I am ashamed to be a Pakistani.." and that "I will not buy merchandise from Nirala". Yes this should be done. It speaks of total lawlessness. Downright ugly. The rich can get away with anything that they do and ordinary people have to bear the brunt.

Well if the police and other "mighty" parties act like this.. I as part of society can do this... I will boycott Nirala till the day justice has been done.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Islam & Women Protection Bill

Couple of issues that need to be addressed becasue they are being used to make a lot of fuss by the religious parties.

1. "Rape and Adultery are the same in Quran"

As ridiculous that might seem, this actually is the point of view of these people who are opposed to Women Protection Bill. The condition for adultery is that 4 witnesses be brought forth who can testify that a certain person has performed adultery. If No - then the charges cannot be brought forward.

The opposite camp says that since Rape and Adultery are the same in Quran(no proof offered for that), so one needs to bring 4 witnesses to prove Rape charges as well!

2. "Quran states that Rapist to be stoned to Death"

Another preposterous claim. No where the Quran states that Rapist be stoned to death. In fact none of the Quranic verses talk of stoning to death. Rape is not discussed at all in Quran - adultery is. Quran does mention oppression and creating tumult in earth as worst offences and humans were left to devise on their own what punishment they come up with - and rape is oppression of worst kind.

So the first thing one should ask these guardians-of-Islam is - where is rape mentioned in Quran? where is stoning to death mentioned in Quran? I am yet to hear any argument. Tell me if you hear any.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Women's Protection Bill

After the passage of Women's Protection Bill from the lower house of the Parliament, National Assembly, the upper house (Senate) also cleared the Bill. A landmark reform in the infamous Hudood Ordinance of military dictator Ziaull Haq through which women were exploited.

The religious opposition is raising a lot of hue and cry against the passage of this bill terming it against Islam and Quran. But then.. thats what clergy do when their power is threatened. The custodians of Islam are trying everything to exploit the religious sentiment and promote their interest.

What I find most interesting is that they say things are totally opposite to Quran and still maintain that it is from Quran what they are saying!

Quran 3:78 And lo! there is a party of them who distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture. And they say: It is from Allah, when it is not from Allah; and they speak a lie concerning Allah knowingly.

I'll allude to this more in my next post.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

'Arms for Peace'

International Defence Exhibition And Seminar (IDEAS), an arms and ammunition exhibition, is being held in Karachi. Titled 'Arms for Peace', this exhibition is proving to be a huge success for arms exporters especially of Pakistan and huge bother for the Karachiites becasue of its tight security and cordoning off of roads.

I have an issue with the title of this exhibition.. Arms for Peace. Who do you think we are kidding? Ourselves I guess. Arms can never be for peace. Yes I have heard that argument that if you have strong defence then the adversary will have to think twice before taking an action... Agreed.. but this is only one side of the coin.

Remember Cold war not long ago? US and USSR almost put the world at destruction point. They did not fight directly but involved other countries that had no purpse and intent of joining such war (and were dependant upon these powers for defence). Keep in mind that there can be a couple of super powers at an instant. Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghan War... innocent people lost their lives because the powerful strutted their stuff throught their allies as they could not fight directly with each other.. arms as defence as one would like to put it.

Where would you like to live.. in a neighborhood where everybody has arms or a neighborhood where there are no guns? Change the title please.. its hypocritical.

Monday, October 09, 2006


It happens every year. Its middle of Ramadan now.. it has happened at its start and now it will happen at its end. Its ridiculous. It makes us a laughing stock but we do not care!

It is called Moon Sighting. It is done becasue Islamic calendar is lunar based. You have to go by the new moon for the advent of Ramadan or Hajj dates etc. The problem is that certain parts of the country observe Fast earlier than the rest becasue they say that they have witnessed the moon which indicates start of Ramadan. The rest of the country (headed by Head Clergymen of Government) say that its not the case therefore no ramadan!

The Government started the month of Ramadan 2 days later than the Saudis! how come a single moon for the whole world appears at different places at different 'days' (not times even!) The 'New Moon' is new moon for the whole world! not different for Iranians, Saudis or Pakistanis!

Its the fossilized mentality of our clergy. In earlier times people used to 'sight' the moon to know when will the new month start. Now after such advancement in science and technology.. you do not need to see the moon to know whether it will appear as new or not! just do the calculation or visit a website! for heavens sake! Grow Up!

Monday, October 02, 2006

72 Virgins

For Quranic view on 'virgins'.. read my post 72 Virgins - Part II

Now this is being pointed out more and more. That muslims who "blow themselves up" (sic) get 72 virgins in heaven or in other words.. they blow themselves up for the virgins. As Jay Leno said in the Tonight Show... there are so many suicide bombers now that it turns out that there will be only 1 virgin for 72 bombers! :p

Jokes apart.. this is a serious issue as this casts a totally malevolent and perhaps sadistic shadow on what the suicide bombers do and what they want. Let me me make my stance clear. I am not at all in favour of suicide bombings as this entails killing of innocent lives and for me.. killing of one innocent is like killing of humanity (Quran 5:32)

Now the suicide part and getting 72 virgins. Tell me.. how can it be that when Quran says that killing of an innocent is like killing of humanity and on the other hand it says you'll get virgins if you die blowing up innocent people? ridiculous. 72 virgins are not mentioned in Quran - its sources are other than Quran which are not authentic. So people who blow themselves up for their own interests won't get any virgins... all they will get is hell fire.

Understand the motives of taking this route. The usual ignorance of West's public is more obvious and brushing under the carpet by commentators and media personnel of the reasons of such act more prominent. Suicide bombing is evident in two forms. One is the desperate situation in which a person finds himself/ herself after being persecuted to his/ her limits. Case in point - Palestine. (this still does not allow taking innocent lives). The other situation is in Iraq where people are blowing themselves apart to get rid of Iraq from Americans. The usual suspects are foreigners interested to drive Americans out and perhaps Iraqis themselves. I am not quite sure about the latter.

Anyways... taking innocent lives either in case of suicide bombings and Daisy Cutters is abominable act. And NO! nobody is getting virgins!

By the way... if muslims will get virgins.. what would Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka get in return for their suicide bombings?

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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    'Islamic Fascists'

    Another gem by Mr. George Bush, leader of the free world. By calling the plotters of failed London-Airplane Bombing plan 'Islamic Fascists' - George Bush has clearly stated what his perspective is on Wests launch of 'War on Terror'.

    The 'Chrisitan Fascists' have still not got a foot hold in their crusades on Iraq. They hope they do because Blair says that God is on his side. Total anarchy and chaos rules Iraq where every sort of thug, cheat, mercenary is having a field day while US and UK soldiers terrorise and ridiculue the inmates of prisons. As if killing hundreds and thousands of children with their economic blockade of Iraq in pre-2003-Iraq was not enough.

    The 'Jewish Fascists' led by Mr. Ehud Olmert has put Lebanon to smithreens. Killing over a thousand innocent civilians over the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers "inside the Lebanese territory which Israel has occupied for the last 25 years". The proprtion of Lebanese lives to Israeli lives is well maintained - around 100:1.

    Mr. Bush says that Iran supplies weapons to Hizbullah. He himself has supplied Israel weapons and other aid worth around US$2.5 billion every year. Even has armed the 'only democracy' in Middle East to have nucleur weapons while criticises Iran to even 'think of developing' nuclear weepons.

    What a hog wash.

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Turn It Back By 20 Years...

    "If the soldiers are not returned we will turn Lebanon's clock back 20 years."

    - Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz told Israeli Channel 10.

    No one can doubt that claim. And it is visible now in Lebanon. The monstrosity with which Israel is killing civillians and destroying Lebanon is there for all to see. And hats off to the international community for doing nothing!

    There comes a meek voice of Kofi Annan telling Israel to stop - but its meek so that Her Highness Israel does not hear. She won't listen either. Uncle sam is there to protect her. House representatives fully supported Israel for her "self defence". So did the Senate. European will not interfere. OIC is impotent. No help around for the beleagured Lebanese people.

    God be with you.

    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Breaking the chains...

    Its official. Women held as prisoners all over Pakistan under Hudood Ordinance will be released today (10th July 2006). See My Post

    Around 1300 female prisoners other than ones involved in crimes of murder and terrorism will be released. This is a huge sigh of relief for all women who were charged under the Hudood Ordinance. The new law has been promulgated by President Musharraf couple of days ago.

    Hudood Ordinance is a legacy of dark days of military dictatorship of General Zia ul Haq. In order to cement his rule he came up with this law totally defying islamic injunctions, humanism and in the end made us a laughing stock in front of the whole world. Not to mention the great set back that was received to the image of Islam.

    Efforts to do away with these laws were on since 80's but gathered steam now as electronic media is almost independent and allows for debates on topics like these which were considered totally sacrosanct. Muslim mind always blacks out in terms of thinking when "islam" is attached to something and Hudood Laws were no different. Told to be "straight from God" although they were man made.

    So nice first step in humanism and towards a just-society.

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Democracy or Theocracy?

    "Democracy or Theocracy - Whats your take?" asks Reuters for their poll. Apparently.. there is a huge difference between the two. Democracy means the Rule of People. What they want and what they desire that is manifested in the form of legislation. Theocracy on the other hand is "an imposed" legislation so to speak. It is not representative of peoples wishes and desires but rather has been imposed on them from outside - God or priestly order lets say.

    But is it really so? take the case of Pakistan. 90% of the population is muslim. We have a parliament that does the legislative acts. Since parliament consists of representatives of the people so acts undertaken by them are supposedly manifestation of people wishes. Democracy as one says it. Now if pakistanis want to be governed by rules specified in Quran by Allah... and parliament decides to legislate accordingly.. aren't we exercising a democratic right? Or does democracy mean something else? like.. any order BUT from religion?

    Is Reuters asking the right question? I don't think so.

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Say It With Ease...

    You see them around you a lot. On streets, traffic crossings, sitting outside shops and in bazars.. they are everywhere... I am talking about beggars.

    I was going home in a bus and popped in two "religious students" .. Talibs to be more precise. Cant write Taliban because now it has become a cuss word of sorts! I don't know whether I should call them beggars.. but the end was the same. That their medressah (school) was having some water problem and the students their could not say their prayers because they could not perform ablution. They brought in God, Prophet Muhammad, every other person who could be brought in to make people dish out money. And people did.

    Honestly.. I think people of my country are too good. Religion too has played its role. Helping out the poor and the needy is considered virtuous and if any person can be helped that somehow directly is attached to religion (Imam of mosque or students) then more the good. This is supposed to make God take a lenient view of the person who gave the money.

    I absolutely don't have any issues with that. What I am concerned with is that people are being exploited. God knows who is a deserving person but the trend and pattern one sees. makes you think otherwise. Just the other day.. two religious students hopped in to the bus and asked for money.. this time the reason was that there was nothing for dinner for the students in the mosque. They gathered the money, blessed them from Gods side and out they went... simple.

    People gave money with all their sincerity because they are God fearing. What the hell were those students doing? I should not be making sweeping statement because maybe they had a genuine problem. I, myself, make an assurance that whoever is receiving the money.. is a deserving one.

    May Allah be the judge of hearts and intentions.

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    A Wedding and A Funeral

    Writing after quite sometime now...

    On 9th April.. my father died. I was away in another city. This is really the time when I loathed myself for not being there with my family. Cursed myself. What good am I if I am not present when my family needed me the most?

    I lost my father and my friend. Not many fathers are their childrens friends. Mine was. You know like a true text book father? He was like that. Had all the characteristics of being of very good father and a brilliant person. Not a single person on his funeral said that he had done anything bad to them. Everyone praised him. What else do you want when you leave such kind of legacy?

    On 29th April I got married. Dates were set by my father so we decided to go ahead with them and honour my father's wishes.

    A friend leaves and a friend arives.

    P.S: I was wearing the same dress when I got engaged and when my father died.

    Tuesday, March 28, 2006


    Here we go again. An Afghan muslim converted to christianity. As usual.. all hell broke loose. Death Fatwas galore. Hell hath no fury like a berserk muslim :p

    Frankly.. I was not robbed of my possessions (jewels included) when I heard that a person has converted to another religious faith. But all the hullabaloo regarding conversion.. must be something in it. Well in fact there is...

    Muslims believe that according to Sharia (Muslim Law derived from Quran and acts of Prophet Muhammad) whoever converts to another religious faith from Islam... has to be killed. Good Lord have mercy. They say that Prophet Muhammad cited the above mentioned prescription for converts.

    Being a muslim, I have some "issues" as usual.

    1. Islam (religion) is of God and humans are supposed to follow it.
    2. Only God decides what is good and what is right.
    3. Humans have no right to interpret/ explain/ issue fatwas etc
    4. Even the Prophet was told to follow what was revealed to him (Quran) and not to come up with his own additions (Quran.69:44-48)

    So why not convert to other religion? the person will go to hell and not heaven? only muslims allowed to enter heaven? (read my previous post of November 2005 on this).

    Secondly. Judgement Day is to be presided over by His majesty and He will be asking questions regarding faith and deeds. I can understand humans dealing with deeds of other humans in this world because standards are set of what is right and what is wrong but when it comes to faith.. how can one be so sure about himself that he decides fates of other people on it? Is he correct and others wrong? Let the faith question be dealt by God..

    There is a verse in Quran which states this beautifully. It says..
    [2:256] Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things

    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Death by Kite

    Kite flying is a passion in Pakistan. People of every age indulge in this activity. The festival of 'Basant' is celebrated every year especially in Lahore to celebrate arrival of spring. The sky is full of kites and colors. Absolutely wonderful.

    I am not from Lahore, am from a city in North West but I remember making kites, the twine and flying! Unfortunately, this activity has taken a bloody form. The twine used to make kites fly, has become a death tool. Kite flying in Pakistan is not merely kite flying per se - its a duel between kite flyers to cut each other twines by making or coating the twines with ground powdered glass, chemical and now horribly.. using metal wire.

    I remember that accidents only occurred when children fell off from roof tops flying or capturing kites or had accidents on roads. This could have resulted in unfortunate death also. But now the situation is altogether different. The twine is so lethal now that it simply slits the throats and necks! Metal twine falls on electricity cables resulting in electrocution and power failures. The death rate has climbed so much that Supreme Court had to ban kite flying all over Pakistan.

    This activity is totally taking a negative spectrum. I really wish it otherwise. Some how this sport has to continue albeit without the deaths. Metal wires and chemical wires should be banned altogether. It should be promoted as organized sport played in parks so that twines remain confined to that area. This way everyone will be safe and enjoy what kite-flying is all about - Fun!

    Monday, March 13, 2006

    No Ports or Nukes for Muslims

    "if you want to run seaports or obtain nuclear weapons for self-defence, you had better change your name to O’Reilly, Schwartz or Patel and stop turning to Makkah in your prayers."

    - By Eric S. Margolis

    Could not have said it better. This article by Eric S. Margolis is the actual representation of muslim sentiment.

    Article in The News

    America and Britain keep giving sermons to the Muslim world that they lack democracy (which they support by installing puppet regimes or military dictators), that their religion has problems which instigate violence (religion has got nothing to do with it and further... US has been terrorising the world since cold war) , that their brand of democracy is the best in the world and a perfect recipie for Muslim countries (hell with their respective culture and traditions).

    A port deal by UAE was blocked by President Bush on the mere pretext that they were Arabs and Muslims! what more proof can there be about islamophobia. Hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in United States by sheikhs but creating a hysteria out of a port deal.. only islamophobia can can produce such hype.

    US bombed the hell out of Iraq on the pretext that they had Weapons of Mass destruction (which they had none. Old infrastructure was provided by US to fight against Iran! hypocricy galore!)Todays mess in Iraq is total responsibility of US. Terror has increased manifolds because of acts of US. Now US is after Iran (not that I am a fan of Ahmaddin Najad, the Iranian President) Israel can have as many nukes as it can have but NO! no muslim country can have it! Nucleur Proliferation crap treaty... give it to India but not to Pakistan...

    What extent this hypocricy...

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    The Blog Ban Gaffe

    I cant access blogs hosted on blogspot from my place. How Lovely. My friend also cannot access blogs. Strange! As it turns out.. no one in Pakistan can access blogs on this particular host! Brilliant!

    It becomes clear then.. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the governing body, has directed all ISPs to ban access to websites/ blogs that lead them to the blasphemous caricatures of Prophet.

    One website was against President Musharraf! outta here dude! you are banned! sucker! :p

    How stupid is PTA? you think that users can be stopped from accessing these websites by blocking IPs?! wake up! get real! and handle with care :p

    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    God did this....

    In an interview with a leading english daily newspaper, Qazi Husain Ahmad, the leader of Jamat e Islami, the right wing religious party has stated that whatever happened in Lahore and Peshawar due to rioting due to publishing of blasphemous cartoons.. was the will of God. He made the comment to a question that whether the rioters were justified in burning cars, motorcycles, vandalizing property, ransacking everything.

    Yeah! tell this to the poor guy who had his motorbike burnt and Qazi sahib you'll have a boot somewhere! Qazi sahib let me quote something as well...
    [42:40] And those who, when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them, help and defend themselves
    [42:41] The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto. but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah: for (Allah) loveth not those who do wrong
    [42:42] The blame is only against those who oppress men and wrong-doing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land, defying right and justice: for such there will be a penalty grievous
    [42:43] But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs
    Uh oh Qazi sahib. Problem here. God is telling us to show patience and not be aggressors. Although He does what He knows best, He is also advising us something. After all...
    [42:30] Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because on the things your hands have wrought, and for many (of them) He grants forgiveness
    So do good deeds and get your reward! Simple
    [19:76] GOD augments the guidance of those who choose to be guided. For the good deeds are eternally rewarded by your Lord, and bring far better
    May I ask what did people of Pakistan had done wrong that such measures were taken against them? did they publish the cartoons? why ruin your own country and have fellow human beings killed for no reason?
    [7:199] You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance, and disregard the ignorant.

    But do you really care?

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Cartoon Controversy Aftermath

    On 14th Feb, protesting crowd burnt 70 motorcycles, 10 cars, 4 ambulances, a fire brigade, buildings, offices. Two people died.

    What the hell is wrong with us? Is this the image of "Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace"? People are being killed and property being damaged in the name of Prophet? How on earth can one do that in the name of Prophet?

    Publishing derogatory cartoon was offensive. Burning cars and vandalizing is repulsive. Do we have sense? If this were a conspiracy.. I suppose the object was achieved when we showed how uncivilized we muslims are. All the moral high ground that we had gained has been lost by these stupid acts.


    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Cartoon Controversy

    "Are Muslims justified in staging worldwide protests over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad? "

    Asks the West. I want to ask this. How many times have you seen Muslims ridiculing Jesus or Moses? any cartoons published by any muslim? in last century? in history?

    see... we Muslims are very particular when it comes to respecting the Prophets. We believe that they had been given a status worthy enough of being respected by us. I understand that the muslim reaction of burning cars and building is not justified but the arguments coming out from the West are atrocious to say the least. One commentator I heard on CNN was saying that since they (majority of muslims) are poor and uneducated, they dont have anything to do so they are doing such act. ?? You (west) don't get it do you?

    Spill a word against jews and you are branded anti-semitic. In Germany, law actually prohibits you to cast doubts on holocaust. Every society has its taboos that have to be looked in to when making opinion about them. And when Muslims cry foul, they are told that they are irrational people who cannot take criticism. How awful can you get?

    If the west wants to criticise what goes on in the Muslim world, please do so (now don't get me started over west's corruption in maintaining puppet governments in muslims countries). We dont mind criticism but at least show some respect for the people that we respect. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to misbehave or offend people. Journalism with responsibility is what is required. grow up! and stop telling us that you are always right and we are wrong!

    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Insecure Islam

    I received this forwarding that had the title "New Quran by America". The mail stated that there was a Quran-clone in circulation that was purported to be alternative to Quran. So all Muslims were being advised to take "precautionary measures" and forward this to as many muslims as possible so that they dont fall into this trap.

    What a crap? We Muslims, I believe, can digest humongous amount of trash! The so called Al-Furqan is kind of Arabic version of Bible and has teachings of it. Its not "new Quran" designed by the Americans to mislead muslims! and Even if someone has combined teachings of both religions... so what?! Islam is under attack?!

    We muslims believe that the whole world is conspiring 24/7 to do harm to us. What is with this insecure mentality of ours. Can we really honestly save Islam? We cant even save ourselves! Forget the whole world.. we are perfectly capable of ruining ourselves! from botched democracies to incompetent leadership.. Muslim world is replete with absolute crap. If someone reads it in being tricked as Quran.. God help him. He/ She has to be really numb-skulled to do that.

    We don't educate ourselves, we don't enlighten ourselves. This "Whole-World-After-Us" scenario is really bad for muslims. I really think we have to ameliorate ourselves.

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Hajj Tragedy

    Another sad year for Muslims all around the globe as tragedy has hit the Hajj resulting in precious loss of life. A hotel collapsed in Mecca taking 70 lives and then stampede took the lives of around 360 pilgrims. In the recent past, various unfortunate incidents have resulted in human casualties. Although the administration has taken some very good steps to mitigate these incidents, one aspect has been overlooked. In the Quran we come to know that Hajj can be observed in sacred months (Sura 2, verse 197).

    [2:197] Hajj shall be observed in the specified months...

    Now there is a difference of opinion on which months are sacred but there is no difference on the month of Zil Hajj (12th month of Islamic Calender) and Muharram (1st Month). Currently Hajj is undertaken on the 9th and 10th of Zil Hajj. If we follow God's advice then the whole month of Zil Hajj can be taken to perform Hajj instead of just two days. Some people argue that only the first 10 days are considered to be sacred to perform Hajj; in which case ten days can be allotted for the performance of Hajj, greatly lowering the burden on the Hajj administration. This will also result in mitigation of occurrences of human deaths due to accidents.

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    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Grand Ma

    My grand mother passed away last week. All I could think of was about my mother! how would she be taking it. When my paternal grand parents died - I was a bit young so could not associate that much. Ones heart squeezes, literally, when a dear one departs from this world. Perhaps I cannot fathom what my mother is feeling... anyways.. love ya mom :)