Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 1

A taxi driver narrated to me the following. Taxi drivers are prone to bribing traffic police officials.

As I was ordered to stop by a traffic constable to stop, I thought this time I might get away by only giving few rupee as bribe but he dashed my hopes by saying that I better go meet his boss on motorcycle. (A higher grade officer is given a motorcycle). As I approached him with my books and a Rs. 50 alongside them, he became angry at once!

"Are you trying to bribe me! Don't you know who I am!"

The taxi driver got worried as to what the hell he landed himself in by giving him the money. He said "Of course not you sir!" to which the police officer replied "better! give me a 100!"


Pinky said...

just Rs 100? thats it?
it must be the lowest amount of bribe taken by any pak policeman EVER..usually they deal in thousands

PostMan said...

Its called Economies of Scale.. kaddu.

Razz said...

Don't get me started on bribery man. It's almost impossible to avoid in Pak. Have across so many incidents when I've been forced to give money. I wonder if we'll ever get rid of this filth