Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dad-0, Daughter-1

*scene: My daughter getting rides at the swings. There is another child sitting right next to her on another swing 'awaiting' the coin to be inserted in the machine*

My daughter: 'baba' *pointing towards him* 'bhai jhoolu' (brother wants a ride)
I: (in my heart) So what .. children keep sitting here, their parents roaming around not caring about their children. I am not responsible for him!
My Daughter: 'baba! bhai jhoolu!'

*she points to towards my hand in which I am holding coins, takes the coin from me and tries to put the coin in other machines slot*

I: (asking her) put the coin in the machine?
*She nods her head as affirmative*

As the ride gets operative she is all smiles and points towards the child and says to me 'baba bhai jhoolu!'


Minerva said...

Ah. Humanist!

Pinky said...

awwwwwww meri piyar beti..
Allah usay hamaisha hansta muskrata rakhay..Ameen

Sophi said...

ye bachi itni achi kis par chali gai? maan par gai hai yakeenan :D

Me said...

aaw janu baby!
Dont ever kill the human side in her by saying no or not doing it if she asks you to do such a thing!