Monday, June 22, 2009

They Did It!

Pakistan won the Twenty-20 World Cup! Unbelievable really.

I had no where even imagined that Pakistani cricket team will win this world cup. This team had no prepared well leading to this world cup, cricket activities were bottom low when Australians had decided they will not be coming to Pakistan for security reasons, then the 'gracious' Sri Lankan's came who were given a nightmare in Lahore which they will not forget. The start for this world cup was horrible as Pakistani team lost the two warm up matches. Then came the news that things were not OK in the Pakistani camp as the captain and the manager were at loggerheads regarding 'the plans' (if there were any).

And still 'they' did it! I have to mention 'they' because no one had even thought that they'll reach the semi finals let alone win the world cup! So the Pakistani cricket team really did it. They even did it with clinical precision. How on earth Pakistan can win by batting second and that too by 8 wickets?! Hell No way! And the way they bowled in the start of the Sri Lankan inning was very professional.

The final with Sri Lanka was more than symbolic as last time they had met, tragedy struck in Lahore when terrorists opened fire at their bus as they were leaving for the stadium. They ultimately had to be taken out of stadium by a helicopter and left Pakistan the same night. The terrorists had struck at the heart of Pakistanis - the game of cricket. The look on every Pakistani's face that day was as if someone dear had passed away. Pakistani fans could not believe that this would be happening to them. And yesterday both of them were fighting it out to claim the throne of champions!

Terrorism lost! Cricket won! 'We' Won! Congrats!

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AD said...

definitely worth the HOOT!

we terrorize world cricket now probably!
but that is it!