Monday, August 22, 2011

PostMan's Law on Characteristics of a Relationship

Relationship between a man and woman is characterized by one party always stating 'You have changed'.

PostMan's Observation on 'PostMan's Law  on Characteristics of a Relationship'

The frequency of utterance of this phrase increases proportionately to the increase in length of the relationship and becomes a Constant at the maturity stage of relationship's life cycle.

Friday, August 19, 2011

And After All This?

You fight. You win. You lose. You take a beating. You beat the hell out of someone. You dive in water. You dive in deep. You dive in shallow. The water is crystal clear. The water is muddy. Something sticks to you. You somehow get free of something. Something overpowers you and leaves you breathless. Something heavy just sits on your chests and leaves you frozen. Then it somehow leaves you and you are all perspiring. You are amongst people who have left this world. They come and talk to you. They make you smile. They make you cry. They make you afraid. You find something or someone that you lost. You lose something or someone you love. You are at unfamiliar place with familiar people. Sometimes you are with unfamiliar people at familiar places. Sometimes the place you know so much presents a very weird look. It is gloomy. It is dark. It is worn out. You do not want to be here.  Sometimes you see green and sometimes blood red. Sometimes its white. Sometimes its bright.  Sometimes it fireflies. Sometimes its fire works. You always wanted to be here. You inhale. You exhale. You want to scream. You want to shout. You want to cry. You want to release a cry of joy. Sometimes you do all this. Sometimes you just cannot. Sometimes you feel it. You feel it like its real. You feel it can not be fake. You see a beautiful bird. You see a hideous beast. The bird touches you. The beast comes for you. Sometimes the beast transforms in to something you do not like. Like a lizard. A spider. A snake. Something you despise. Something you dread. You do not want to be here! Oh you always wanted to be here! Oh let it continue!

And after all this, you have to wake up from the dream.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

PPP and MQM in Karachi - Abyss.

Around 1300 people are dead in Karachi since January this year - and why cant this stop? because our leaders are busy making deals! Welcome to Pakistan!

Karachi is the face of Pakistan. The economic hub that makes the engine of Pakistan's economy run. Whenever Karachi sneezes, the rest of Pakistan catchers cold - for sure. Karachi has this live spirit in it as city that keeps you glued to it. People from all across Pakistan have come, still do, to Karachi making a living and diversifying the language and cultural base. Karachi truly is a mini Pakistan.

Like any metropolis, Karachi faces multitudes of  problems. Rapid urbanization, improper planned localities, illegal constructions, corruption, water and sanitation issues etc. Apart from that it has to face drug mafia, land mafia, terrorists of all sorts ranging from sectarian to ethnic and criminals. The latter is the really worrying part as law enforcement agencies including rangers and police are extremely ineffective in protecting the Karachiites.  This leaves the people of this city at the mercy of their luck - just hope that you are not at the wrong place at the wrong time because then there will be no one  to protect you.

Unfortunately for Karachi, the city is the worst managed of all in Pakistan I think. Every city, especially a metropolis like Karachi, faces problems but the administrators and leaders of the city try to somehow manage it - amidst ineffective government and corrupt bureaucracy. Somehow somewhere the administrators make the city go about its life but in Karachi, no one is interested in running the affairs of the city. All they want is the booty! To hell with the city is their motto it seems.

Amongst the ruling lot, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) an Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) run the show in administrating the city. They are joined by small time players of ANP, Jamaet e Islami, Sunni Tehreek etc. Turn by turn they take the Admin's Chair of this city and promote their vested interests. 

MQM should feel ashamed of using 'ethic cleansing' card by playing dirty politics on the deaths of innocent people, for example, Qasba Ali Garrh. People lost their loved ones on that horrible of events and MQM cites it just to gain favours? What did they gain? They are back in Govt and have the amendments in commissionarate system? and through what? Getting their demands by playing deals on the death of innocent people. Downright ugly.

Value of each of Pakistani's life is important - whether urdu speaking, pushto, sindhi, balochi or any of the regional language. Please do not do politics on the blood of innocent people. The Urdu speaking brethren should not fear any other ethnic group as their enemy - their supposed political leaders are their worst enemy.

And PPP - the less said the better. Democracy, in the current environment, has been the worst revenge. Politics of appeasement at the lives of innocent people. Horrible. What is the point of praising the President as an astute political player by chanting 'reconciliation' when all you do is trying to save your posterior for 5 years and in the meanwhile people are getting killed, economy being ruined and corruption galore? What good is reconciliation I ask? Then we have the buffoon of an Interior Minister who says that killings in the city are due to the reasons that girl friends are taking revenge from their lovers? See the audacity of this guy? He is making mockery of people who lost their lives in Karachi by suggesting so. But anyone cares? Of course not. They have to make deal my brother.

Oh we are so lost!

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