Friday, June 19, 2009

From Pak Army With Love - Baitullah Mehsud.

Great. Now every sort of Qari and Mullah is getting the media limelight who is against Baitullah Mehsud, ex-lover of Pakistan Army. In a move that appears more like a jilted lovers attempt to malign its ex.. and 'Oh I so hate you!' approach, Baitullah Mehsud is now the worst thing that could have happened to Pakistani society. He is an 'indian agent', working against 'Islam' and 'Pakistan', he is on the pay roll of CIA. Amazingly, Israel has no where yet emerged on the accusation list.. but I knew all along that Baitullah was a jew!

Anyways, suddenly a group of 'good' Taliban has emerged. Good in the sense that they do not want destabilized Pakistan, they are against suicide bombings and targeting fellow muslims. They just oppose the presence of 'infidel;' forces on Afghanistan's soil. These Talibans are innocent and the real mother of all idiots is Baitullah Mehsud. They said this all along but dumb-ass Pakistani government was not listening.

So it does appear now that Pakistan Army will not leave Taliban as a tool for any future interference in Pakistan as well as using them for protection of western borders in case India tries something adventurous from Eastern side. Now this is really 'unlucky' Pakistan. We had a great chance to disband with this band of thugs and mercenaries as the 'tide of goodwill' was on our side but No. We still have some ideas of strategic depth somewhere.. abyss seems more appropriate.

All those army officers, non-commissioned officers, security personnel, innocent civilians who lost their lives for this country.. Pakistan army has still some plans up its sleeve. I just hope I am terribly wrong. Baitullah Mehsud will be out of the picture soon and 'good and pious' Taliban will be left. Peace!

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Jeech said...

The reality is that most of our western Pakstanis love Taliban not because Taliban kill Muslims but because they resists American occupation of Afghanistan. Since Baitullah Mehsood emerged on the stage the support for Taliban has decreased and perhaps that was the purose of creation of Baitullah's Taliban and the cause was all about to decrease the support. The policy succeeded but the problem increased because the controle of the taliban is now in the hands of Pakistan's enemies.