Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'Islamic Fascists'

Another gem by Mr. George Bush, leader of the free world. By calling the plotters of failed London-Airplane Bombing plan 'Islamic Fascists' - George Bush has clearly stated what his perspective is on Wests launch of 'War on Terror'.

The 'Chrisitan Fascists' have still not got a foot hold in their crusades on Iraq. They hope they do because Blair says that God is on his side. Total anarchy and chaos rules Iraq where every sort of thug, cheat, mercenary is having a field day while US and UK soldiers terrorise and ridiculue the inmates of prisons. As if killing hundreds and thousands of children with their economic blockade of Iraq in pre-2003-Iraq was not enough.

The 'Jewish Fascists' led by Mr. Ehud Olmert has put Lebanon to smithreens. Killing over a thousand innocent civilians over the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers "inside the Lebanese territory which Israel has occupied for the last 25 years". The proprtion of Lebanese lives to Israeli lives is well maintained - around 100:1.

Mr. Bush says that Iran supplies weapons to Hizbullah. He himself has supplied Israel weapons and other aid worth around US$2.5 billion every year. Even has armed the 'only democracy' in Middle East to have nucleur weapons while criticises Iran to even 'think of developing' nuclear weepons.

What a hog wash.