Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Do I hate the Taliban

What prompted me to write this piece was this editorial in The News which said that Taliban have ordered all girl schools to be closed by January 15 - or else they will be blown up. Today, in the most beneficent manner that Taliban act, they have said that they will allow girl education till primary level. How merciful. I am teary eyed.

But, I still hate the Taliban - not as a fashion statement for some reasons.

- I hate Taliban because they do not believe in freedom of religion. Case in point, Bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan. Since they are Deobandis by sect, so no Barelvi is accepted too. That is why they dug up the grave of Pir Samiullah, their opponent in Swat and hung his body publicly.

- I hate the Taliban because they are considered to be 'pure' muslims, the best of the breed, the ones that resemble the muslims at the time of the Prophet (horrible to say the least), the best practitioners of 'real Islam'. Bullshit of course. Taliban represent only one sub-sect of Islam, the Deobandi Sunnis. The Barelvis for example are not good muslims in front of them. Shias, damn they are infidels!

- I hate Taliban because west portrays them as manifestation of todays muslims. An ordinary muslim in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Egypt is totally against what Taliban do and act. Yes 'every' muslim will criticise Israel and America but not one will go imposing a certain brand of Islam on others. Every act that Taliban do - the west say 'see! this is what Islam preaches!' Idiots.

- I hate Taliban because they blow up schools (115 schools in Swat, admitted by their spokesperson)

- I hate Taliban because they 'enforce' Islam. Case in point - the forced veiling of women, beating the bare ankles of women with sticks, forced closure of shops for prayers.

- I hate Taliban because they are extremely rigid to anothers point of view. You tell Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan to withdraw from violence - they say impose shariah, ask America to leave Afghanistan otherwise we will not. Nice way of going about solving things.

- I hate Taliban because they consider violence the only measure to achieve their political goals.

- I hate Taliban because they are giving extreme elements in our society a 'reason' to counter State. They are responsible for chaos. Every criminal is now 'Taliban'. Yes I agree the criminals are giving 'bad name' to Taliban (ironically) but its them who made it a point that you can take up arms against the State.

So there you go. I am full of hatred.

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Abdi said...

My dear you are right as per your views about the short sightedness of Talibans are concerned.
But my dear one must keep the fact in mind as well, that all the so called Talibans that were captured in the recent past more then 50% were not circumsized.
Hope you will get the bottom line !

PostMan said...

Thanks Abdi.

The 'agents' being used in tribal areas and Swat - they will never risk their lives by going in to suicide missions. These are carried out by our muslim brethren. That's the circumcised bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Taliban do not represent the deobandi sunnis, I am a deobandi. And I have no inclination of digging up graves to hang pirs of different sects and blow up buddhar or prevent girls from getting education.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm with you on this one mr postman!

completely wrong what they're doing, but hey, these kind of freaks rule the world around us, bush and the people who support his ideology etc are another breed of 'taliban', ok, so they don't enforce religion on us or anything of that sort but it's not any less wrong - in fact it's worse, these illiterate, 'civilised' powerful people of the world should know better.
gaah!! as long as we can remain sane and humane we wont let these people get the best of us!

about abdi's comment, i don't know actually, i know we would like to believe it could possibly be another party at work disguised as the taliban but after meeting some people from swat and their very real-sounding stories of american troops disguised as taliban etc, i didn't have the heart to say they'd possibly been fed a bunch of lies, i'm sat at a comfortable distance, they're the ones going through it - they could be telling the truth! who knows?
either way it's wrong and this here is a nice blog entry!

PostMan said...

Thanks supersizeme.

First thing first. By criticizing Taliban I am in no way supporting messers Bush, Brown or Olmert. They are taliabn too, very rightly put.

Secondly, regarding Abdis comment, I totally agree that whatever is happening in Swat and tribal areas has to have the backing of outside elements becasue waging an insurgency on this scale requires huge financial and military help BUT (this is a fat ugly but) the 'fodder' being used is our own local pakistani muslim. All teh suicide bombers are young pakistani muslim boys.

kuldeep singh chauhan said...
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