Monday, May 29, 2006

A Wedding and A Funeral

Writing after quite sometime now...

On 9th April.. my father died. I was away in another city. This is really the time when I loathed myself for not being there with my family. Cursed myself. What good am I if I am not present when my family needed me the most?

I lost my father and my friend. Not many fathers are their childrens friends. Mine was. You know like a true text book father? He was like that. Had all the characteristics of being of very good father and a brilliant person. Not a single person on his funeral said that he had done anything bad to them. Everyone praised him. What else do you want when you leave such kind of legacy?

On 29th April I got married. Dates were set by my father so we decided to go ahead with them and honour my father's wishes.

A friend leaves and a friend arives.

P.S: I was wearing the same dress when I got engaged and when my father died.