Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gals & Blogging

Ok this is weird now. I thought it was a mere coincidence but it has happened yet again. Another female blogger has deleted her blog! I know 4 of them who have.. not many in numbers, yes I know but its very weird.

Why on earth, you ladies, do that?! Whats the big urge to delete everything you have ever written?!


Me said...

That is how girls are..sensitive:p

Sophi said...

I wish things could change with just a delete command :)

There may be some pleasure in deleting the blog. Why dont you try it and tell us about it in your new blog? :P

Sophi said...

ohh....I literally checked a fan's blog :D

Nasir said...

Mangni sey pehlay, mangni key baad.

Nasir said...

Btw when i first read the title i misread it as "Gays and Blogging", i get caught up in nostalgia when i visit your blog.

Awais said...

@ Mangni sey pehlay, mangni key baad.

Hahaha! Good one! :D

The Chef said...

Good observation. I have also seen, them neglecting their blogs much longer but maybe it's because they have decided their priority is running the daily errands for us armchair thinkers.

a fan said...

Maybe, it's because gals consider privacy to be a bigger thing than guys. Or rather, guys don't have that ;)

Thanks. Hope you are happy that i didn't delete mine ;) :)

kona bervalla said...

yes, I've come across one as well. I was even heartbroken for a couple of days T_T

Ajaa said...

well, i have also come across guys deleting there blogs. actually its not about male-female but as far my experience goes it is about the purpose blogging serves for people.
purpose met-delete blog, interest lost.
purpose goes overboard-delete blog.
blogs of past eating up the present-delete blog.
and of course in good humour- mangni ke pehle or baad is a valid point.
change in girlfriend ya boyfriend can also be a valid point :)

PostMan said...

@ me. How about keeping the sensitive part away from the blogs?!

@Sophi. When I will, you'll receive an automatic notification. You are first in the queue.

@nasir. you think you know me but I know 'what' I am :p

I agree engagement/mangni or marriage 'can' make the female blogger delete the blog or delete certain write ups.. but then.. why at all write such things which you know are not that comfortable for you? Blogging does not necessarily mean 'catharsis'.. it sucks too!

Minerva said...

LMAO@ mangni se pehle mangni ke baad.

I've deleted my archives. Purely out of anger. Don't know if any other gal/guy did/does that.

It's my anger that's a problem with me not progesterone :P

PostMan said...

@ajaa: Welcome to the blog. Sorry I forgot :|

'purpose met-delete blog, interest lost.'

So delete it? :)

@minerva: Is it easy to delete whatever you have written? Ok I agree bloggers are different as people are.. some blog about politics, some religion, some personal, some with their names.. I with a pseudonym. Does one delete blogs that contain 'personal details'?

I for one cant understand why should I delete my post 'A Case of Religion Promoting Hatred?' even if I am angry.

Minerva said...

My posts were everything from movie reviews to personal rants (which were few) and general discussions on psychology and Pakistan.

It isn't easy to see them all deleted, as I later realized. I used to do a lot of stupid things when I got that mad surge of anger.

Am much better now thank you :P

Pinky said...


when i deleted my blog, i was just disgusted with me for wasting everybody else's time with my pathetic posts..honestly, i felt i have no right to harass my e-friends with my baseless problems in a tasteless way :)

there you go, straight from the horse's mouth :P

Ajaa said...

you dont have to bother about the welcome :) it is a public space.
'purpose met-delete blog'....yes thats what many people do. and if they dont delete it blogging is no more their interest.
like there is a social networking mania...there is a blogging mania too for people. everyone wants to publish...
and finally some gals speak up.... :)