Tuesday, March 04, 2008

'I Hate You'

We really hate each other.. when it comes to religion that is. I do not know what is it but when religion is involved, somehow the hatred level just shoots up. Ethnicity and religious factors, I guess, have killed more people than any other thing. In this post, I am more interested in religious hatred. This hatred could be intra-religious or inter-religious. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus.. it seems no body trusts each other. When it comes to Islam, Shia sunni are at each others throat. Talking of local scenario, it would be Deobandis against Barelvis. But Qadianis and Ahmadis are way on top of the list! Oh we muslims hate them the most I guess?!

What the hell.

Ok lets start with myself. I have a tag of 'sunni' on my forehead. I would like to call myself 'muslim' but.. forget it. When I was in school, the shias were the enemy number one I was told. Not my family but my friends - mosque ones in specific. I was told that I should not eat anything from a shia because they spit in it and then give it to sunnis to eat! No kidding!

Our school text books painted Hindus and Hinduism in a really bad taste. I still remember my history teacher saying "Hindus have a closed mentality which is obvious from their prayer areas whereas muslims are broadminded as you can see from mosques". How lovely. I also had a christian friend in school. He was my best friend. He lived near the school so on more than one occasion I went to his place and ate. Although the prohibition of eating applied on them as well but hey... I was hungry! When I was in class 8th, I told him to convert to Islam! He told me to convert to christianity! and I was like.. 'what the hell..what does one say next?!'. Never asked him again!

When inter-religious conflicts are taken in to consideration, then one can understand that 'fear' of being over powered by another religion does take effect. Crusades can be taken as an example. In todays world, Muslims fear that West in general and America in particular are after everything Islam and muslims. Further, when it comes to ethnic warring, one party is claiming sufferings at the hand of another because either the rights are being subjugated or the land perhaps is being taken. Perhaps the majority ethnic group is in control of financial matters and is not giving due right to other ethnic group. I mean, there is a reason to be feeling opposed. But in this case where various sects of Islam are concerned.. there is nothing! We just hate one another for our respective faiths! Don't we?! Or 'fear' working here as well?

In Pakistan things are really complex. There are so many sects and each does not have a liking for one another. In Northern Pakistan, Chilas and Gilgit are notorious for sectarian clashes. People used to burn down villages of opposing sects. In Parachinar, 100s of people have lost their lives. Shias and sunnis killing each other.. militant political wings of Sunis and Shias outdoing one another. for what?

One thing I fail to understand is that why we hate Ahmadis and Qadiyanis so much! So what if they believe in another person as prophet and do not consider Prophet Muhammad to be the last of all the prophets?! I still have my jewels complete in numbers and with me after hearing this! I mean if they are wrong, God will take care of them on Judgment Day! He will whip them or whatever after the results are in! No? What on earth is being taken from us for their beliefs?! I mean Christians believe in trinity. We muslims don't make fuss of that too much but when it comes to Ahmadis or Qadiyanis.. all hell breaks loose! Why? Dr. Abdul Salam, the only Nobel laureate from Pakistan in Physics, is not given his due share only because he was a Qadiyani.

Its not just within muslim world that hatred exists. I have been part of anti-islamic discussion boards and the hate was unbelievable. You could not hear a sane voice. Whether its publishing of cartoons or anti-islamic video by that dutch politician.. hatred seems to be at work.



NB said...

Good post dude, a pleasure to read.

Anonymous said...

Prophethood has not ended.

[4:70] And whoso obeys Allah and this Messenger shall be among those on whom Allah has bestowed His blessings - the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. And an excellent company are they.
[4:71] This grace is from Allah, and Allah suffices as One Who is All-Knowing.

Anonymous said...

hate is more insidious than a 100 OBLS or GW's. It will be the end of us all if we do not end it.

MummyDaddy said...

The took thing - i had never heard of it but this year during a majlis Allama Kalbe Sadiq sahab mentioned it and then he explained it very well, i would like to say that he has always been a supported of Muslim ummah unity between shias and sunni that some of the dumb shias with no brains do not like Allama saheb.

and this is not the only thing that sunnis have in mind regarding the shias - they even think that shias have a different quran and what not.

I think Muslims need to start reading and listen to Alims and not Mullahs, it's time we start educating our masses before it's too late to fix anything.

People are brainwashed to think that by killing shias you'll be awarded with 70 hoors Seriously .matlab Allah ko koi aur kaam nahi reh gaya kay ab Lal masjid waloon ko hoor dheein gha. Akal naami cheez ka istimal logoon ko khabi kar lena chahiyee.

PS. I believe in one Ummah too but in my view sunni shia is not a tag it's what you're/ Let's be honest here we have our historical,spiritual and political differences but we have got to be understanding towards each other.