Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why cant there be a non-muslim Pakistani Head of State?

Pakistani constitution bars non muslims from assuming the role of Head of State and of Republic. The reason being that majority of Pakistani's are muslims (around 97%) so they should have a muslim head of state.

Although it seems logical but it would be even 'more logical' if there were no restrictions on minorities to assume this role constitutionally. Its their right being the citizen of this country. Would a minority head of state be a risk to Islam? give me a break...

What would you have.. a very good administrator (minority representative) or not-so-good-administrator (very pious muslim)? It is totally hypothetical but this is a scenario. That’s why I believe separating religion from politics is a very good thing. Now we cannot have an exceptionally talented (lets say) minority representative as head of state because he should be a muslim.

Some people might argue that even USA would not allow a Muslim President (just as having an African American president is difficult) so why should Pakistan do that? Correct. But the Constitution of USA does not bar the minorities from taking the charge of President. Its not that "you have to have a minority head of state" as its often difficult (minorities are by definition minorities) but at least there should be no bar constitutionally. Every citizen of a country should have this right.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Are you cursed?

The October 8th 2005 earthquake in Pakistan was an unfathomable disaster. More than 73,000 precious lives were lost. But amongst all this gloom and doom - a bright ray of hope and life emerged. Pakistani nation rose up to the occasion in helping their brethren in distress. International community too supported wholheartedly.

Amongst all this was a debate that "why" earthquake occured. From the scientific - movement of the tectonic plates; to the metaphysical - God did it to them. What is really unfortunate is the fact that people actually say that earthquake occured due to the acts of people living there. That they were off the track of religion, were performing bad deeds and thus Allah punished them. I find this totally absurd.

Does it mean that the place where earthquake occured - people therein were corrupt, infidels, performed the worst possible acts? Is it a simple case of saints vs sinners? Does it mean that the rest of Pakistan which was not affected by earthquake; have angels residing. Am I good and they bad? this is the worst possible way of putting things.

The earthquake was and is a very strong test. Test for humans whether they come forward and help others in distress, do they open their hearts for them, do they help the affectees in every possible manner. Or whether they just sit and pass judgments on behalf of God certifying who is good and who is bad. Show humanity please.

[2:155]We will surely test you through some fear, hunger, and loss of money,lives, and crops. Give good news to the steadfast.

I dont like it when people say it like that. So I disregard it.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Good that You are White

Unfortunate. There is this general trend in Pakistan where wheatish/ brownish skin color that we have is generally considered NOT OK as compared to having a fair/ white skin color which is GOOD. I guess part of this relates to the colonial legacy that we have had as the British ruled the subcontinent for some good 200 years. So we consider white skinned people as more bright, intelligent and above all worthy of being shown respect.

Take any advertisement of a skin cream product in Pakistan and it will mostly talk in terms of "It will make you gora(white)". A very famous singer of Pakistan had actually these lyrics in his song "I had a dream last night in which I saw my (future) wife.. she was as black as my fate".

Is it a curse that one is born with a darker complexion? why do we make (almost 90% of Pakistanis feel that they are somehow inferior to the rest? why should anyone around the globe be considered inferior in this respect? Perhaps I'll do the same thing when its my turn?

It hurts me. So I don't like it.