Friday, April 30, 2010

How Much Math?

A quote in Economist, that led to the following 'inconclusive' discussion.

'Mandating more math and science in high schools when most of us never use trigonometry or calculus in our working lives takes away time from learning skills that are crucial in an innovative economy: how to listen and persuade, think independently and work collaboratively, for instance.' (link)

X: This is a wrong argument. instead of making us learn how to make use of these things in daily life, you are taking it out altogether. You want to make an illiterate out of even a person who is reading this. Develope the other skills independently but their importance you can never deny

I: ‘more of’ math and science when most of us ‘never use trigonometry or calculus in working lives’.

X: then tell people how to use them! not take them out of course!

I: you sound as if ‘math’ is being taken out… No

X: That’s what I am saying. whatever you have read, tell me about its applicability!

I: GRE test :p

X:We will stand nowhere if these are taken out of course. That is why it is wrong. Label your illiteracy as 'not needed' and finish everything.

I: Are you an illiterate you don’t know logarithms?

X: Of course I am cuz I don’t know how to use it.

I: No you are not because the maths you know covers most of the essentials of your life! You do not require to know logarithms! Its not needed! Its use is very specialized

X: But that doesn’t mean that they should not be taught to me. How am I suppose to know at school stage whether if it will be of some use in profession that I choose later?

I: You ‘should’ get to learn it where in case you need it in future!

Suppose now you switch a job and the new one requires that you know logarithms… although you have read them in school, you will still require to re-learn it. So whats the use learning it in school?

X: Now at this stage. What if I wanted to study the same field right after my school? No body would have given me admission in any school had I not learnt all that maths. And if I wanted to do BCS or go to any foreign school they would never give me admission anywhere without me having to know all this.

I: If you had required to learn logarithm then you would have been taught logarithms!

X: That’s why I was taught logarithms! :p

I: Logarithms should be removed from curriculum cuz they are not needed!
There is an understanding that a base level math (call it GRE level) should exist. More of it is not needed!

X: It is provided you can teach the use. Otherwise even this is of no use! :p


So how much Math should there be?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Creative Product Name

Just saw a baby pot having the following name.

'Royal Potty - A throne of their own'

Friday, April 09, 2010

The 'Terrible' Chechens

Know why the Chechens do, what they do. How can one be so sick? The answer lies in the following article.

Time To Set The Chechen Free

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

FIFA dress code bars Iran girls from Youth Games

Oh what a hogwash!

ZURICH: Iran's girls' soccer team was thrown out of the Youth Olympics because FIFA rules prevent players from wearing an Islamic headscarf.

Thailand replaces Iran in the August tournament, the governing body of Asian soccer said on its Web site Monday.

The hijab scarf — worn by girls and women to observe Islamic dress code — was not allowed under FIFA rules relating to on-field equipment, the Asian Football Confederation said. Iran's national Olympic committee had urged soccer's international ruling body and the International Olympic Committee to review the ban.

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke rejected the Iranian Olympic panel's request in a letter to the national soccer federation. He said the FIFA executive committee had "no choice but to take the decision."

FIFA maintains that soccer's international rulebook contains a section on player equipment, stating that "basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements."


Understand this. There is a difference between practicing your beliefs and 'making' a statement. If I am in a foreign country and I say my prayers in a public area, I am not 'making' a statement but merely practicing my faith. Whether you are sporting a beard or not, FIFA should not worry because its none of their business. Players are allowed to wear logos of various brands - no one says that they are making statement. You allow them just because money has no religion?

From ugly to racist, take your pick. FIFA rules suck.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Why Is Concurrent List Necessary

"First, parliament will for the first time in the country’s history lose the power to legislate (except for the Islamabad Capital Territory) on the country’s penal code, criminal procedure, civil procedure, law of evidence, and other major branches of substantive and procedural law such as marriage and succession. The single legal space that the country has had so far will be history. There will be not one but five penal codes and the same number of criminal procedure codes, civil procedure codes and law of evidence, one each for the four provinces and another one for the Islamabad territory. Similarly, the country will need not one but five new accountability laws to replace the NAB Ordinance and five anti-money laundering laws, to give just a few examples from recent legislation."


"Second, parliament will lose the power to legislate on a number of matters which can best be regulated at the federal level, such as drugs and medicines and environmental protection. The result will be quintuplication at best and chaos and large-scale evasion of the law at worst."

The News

Saturday, April 03, 2010

War or peace on the Indus?

First time I have heard a third party on the water conflict between India and Pakistan

"Who will be the Indian Mandela who will do this – for the benefit of Pakistanis and Indians – on the Indus? "

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Thursday, April 01, 2010