Saturday, September 05, 2009

Signs That You Are a Blogger

- You think about issues around you in terms of blog posts.
- You have to share what you experienced lately.
- You keep a track on comments section on your site.
- You keep a track of visitors to your site.
- You visit popularity rating websites to know the ranking of your site.
- You have thought about Questions and your supposed Answers if you get interviewed as an author on any website.
- You 'think' that you write just for personal reasons.
- You come across weird search related visitors on your site.
- You keep complaining that you have suffered writing choke - still you write about it.
- There is at least one post in your 'draft' section.
- You expect admiration from other other blog writers for what you wrote.


Anonymous said...

how true! :P

The Chef said...

Wah Wah ( some admiration for you )

Minerva said...

lol apart from a couple of points, I stand guilty on almost all of em...

a fan said...

On a related note, here's a nice comic strip.

RebellionCrap said...

damn I am not a blogger then :/