Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bye Bye PC

Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar, the only 5-star hotel in Peshawar got the drubbing through bombing. As of now, it seems that it was not a suicide bombing attempt rather the militants 'walked away' - to put the term. Peshawar has seen spate of bombing attacks and there seems no respite from it. The city is already closed from 3 sides where it borders the tribal agencies and now it appears as if no one wants to go to Peshawar - even locals fear going out.

(picture courtesy of Hotel's website)

When the Rescue 15 Building was bombed just few days ago in Lahore, we friends were discussing how the militants (in that case suicide bombers) first shot at the security guards and then tried to take in the explosive laden vehicle. We agreed that there should have been a second line of defense, more protected (roof tops e.g.) for the security guards that in case the front line falls, the second line will be able to counter it.

The video footage released by the CCTv cameras clearly shows that first a car came in through the gate, they neutralized the front security guards and then came in followed in by the explosive laden pickup. And then they left the building, most probably, because till date no bodies of suspected suicide bombers have been found. Amazing!

There was a serious lack of security in this case. There was no line of defense for the security guards to prevent such attacks. If the militants can over-power the first line of defense.. its easy pickings for them. Peshawar which is already on high alert and has witnessed bomb attacks, PC hotel being the prime target, I am sorry to say that this was not the type of security that was being expected. It resulted in the loss innocent precious lives that could have been averted.

One wonders what is next now that they have crushed the only 5 star hotel of Peshawar? The only Fort of Peshawar? Mind you which is just a few walk away from the hotel.

Balahisar Fort - Peshawar
(Courtesy WebShots)

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