Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lal Masjid

Pardon my ignorance but I fail to understand the point in raising questions like "how could Lal masjid administration amass so much weapons?" It is clear that the Government wanted to exploit the situation to its maximum favour. If they were "oh so worried" about the situation which resulted in so many unwanted deaths then they would not have let Lal Masjid imbroglio come to its final situation. If the Government wants then the incidents like of May 12th of Karachi cant even be probed.

Implementation of Sharia is a very nice statement. Our people are so sincere and honest when it comes to religion that Maulana Ghazis of every kind take them for a ride. Youth get misguided and critics get silenced because who can dare talk against Islamic values not being implemented in society? If Mr. Ghazi was so good then at least he could have heeded the advice of Imam e Ka'aba; Which he did not becasue obviously he had no such intention. Do not tell me that agencies were involved in him not heeding the advice.

Vested interests got mixed with misguided religious ambitions and the result is the mess that we Pakistanis find ourselves in. Stupid is as stupid does. Unfortunately in this case it cost innocent lives.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suicide Bombings

The country is passing through its worst phase perhaps regarding law and order when every other day a suicide bombing takes scores of innocent lives. There is a version of political Islam which no matter how much we deny - exists and which is extremely militant.

Yes.. Islam is very peaceful and killing of an innocent is like killing the whole humanity (Quran 5:32) but there are some very sick people around. And a lot of innocent people to trap and exploit. And No! they wont get any paradise or virgins for that...

The outcome of the judicial crisis or Musharraf as president or not has no bearing on the course which it will follow. Anyone who is perceived to be an agent/puppet/'dog' of America or Israel is their enemy. This section of 'our' society knows no alternative to further their cause but militantly. This ideology has to be dealt with in earnest because innocence is a non issue if you are perceived to be on the other side of the divide. People, intelligensia and most importantly ulema have to play a major role. Identify and tackle this ideology or face the worst.