Friday, November 23, 2007

Moon Split - The Miracle?

As a muslim you must have heard about the miracle attributed to Prophet Muhammad that he split the moon in two halves in reply to the critics of his prophethood. I am not concerned whether you believe in it or not. What I am writing here alludes to what Quran tells us about miracles given to Prophet Muhammad.

Interestingly, Quran does not inform us that Prophet was given the Miracles - apart from Quran only. Quranic tone is very different. Quran tells us that Prophet Muhammad was just a 'bearer of good news and warner' and the last Prophet at that. He knew nothing about the future nor knew about the unseen.

7:187 - They ask you about the hour, when will be its taking place? Say: The knowledge of it is only with my Lord; none but He shall manifest it at its time; it will be momentous in the heavens and the earth; it will not come on you but of a sudden. They ask you as if you were solicitous about it. Say: Its knowledge is only with Allah, but most people do not know.

7:188 - Say: I do not control any benefit or harm for my own soul except as Allah please; and had I known the unseen I would have had much of good and no evil would have touched me; I am nothing but a warner and the giver of good news to a people who believe.

6:50 - Say (O Muhammad, to the disbelievers): I say not unto you (that) I possess the treasures of Allah, nor that I have knowledge of the Unseen; and I say not unto you: Lo! I am an angel. I follow only that which is inspired in me...

The disbelievers of Mecca did ask Prophet Muhammad to show them miracles so as to believe in him.

6:109 - And they swear by Allah with the strongest of their oaths, that if a sign came to them they would most certainly believe in it. Say: Signs are only with Allah; and what should make you know that when it comes they will not believe?

Whether God grants a Prophet with a miracle or not that is His wish - not the prophet's. If God deems fit then He will grant a miracle to a prophet. When it came to disbelievers of Mecca - it just did not matter. According to Quran, they were just not being honest.

6:111 - And even if We had sent down to them the angels and the dead had spoken to them and We had brought together all things before them, they would not believe unless Allah pleases, but most of them are ignorant.

Now coming to the attributed miracle of Splitting of the moon. There is chapter in Quran Al-Qamr (The Moon) and the first verses state..

54:1 - The Hour is nigh, and the moon is cleft asunder.
54:2 - But if they see a Sign, they turn away, and say, "This is (but) transient magic."
54:3 - They reject (the warning) and follow their (own) lusts but every matter has its appointed time.

To most of the translators of Quran - these verses refer to the time and the sign that Day of judgment will be very close. Many refer to these verses as evidence of Prophets miracle.

The interesting thing is that Chapter Al-Qamr was revealed in Mecca and was revealed as the 37th Sura in order of revelation. Chapter 6 (Al-Anam) too is a Meccan Sura but has the revelation order of 55. So Sura Qamr was revealed before Sura Anaam and disbelievers are still asking for miracles from Prophet in that Sura. why would it be so if the miracle of splitting of Moon had occured?

These are the issues that I think needed to be highlighted. There is just one more thing which will be highlighted in the subsequent post and which is that whether all of the above indicate somehow that Prophet's stature has been degraded as compared to the prophets who were given miracles?

I'll write about it in the next post.

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    Yaseen said...

    dont quote me on this but Allah grants everything, so the prophet Muhammad (SAW) may not be able to create mirricles but Allah can if he asks. Another thing is the way the Quraan is interpreted. jazakalah