Thursday, May 28, 2009


My daughter, who till now spoke excellent Greek, has started using words that I understand. Am I learning Greek or her language is getting influenced by other languages?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 1

A taxi driver narrated to me the following. Taxi drivers are prone to bribing traffic police officials.

As I was ordered to stop by a traffic constable to stop, I thought this time I might get away by only giving few rupee as bribe but he dashed my hopes by saying that I better go meet his boss on motorcycle. (A higher grade officer is given a motorcycle). As I approached him with my books and a Rs. 50 alongside them, he became angry at once!

"Are you trying to bribe me! Don't you know who I am!"

The taxi driver got worried as to what the hell he landed himself in by giving him the money. He said "Of course not you sir!" to which the police officer replied "better! give me a 100!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

IDPs & Settlement Issues

This is for anyone who is opposed to IDP's settlement in any province of Pakistan... FUCK OFF! Racist thugs!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Clerics, Taliban, IDPs and Swat

Well finally they have spoken... the conference of religious scholars has endorsed the military action backed by Govt against the Taliban. "The Ulema and Mashaikh of Ahle-Sunnat on Sunday unanimously called for decisive action against the militants, saying the agenda of the Taliban was benefiting the country’s enemies and was against the basics of Islam", news report.

This should have been done long time ago. When Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) goons were out 'purifying' the society, these scholars were backing them. When Taliban ruled the roost in Afghanistan, they cheered for them because they represented 'the society at the time of Prophet Muhammad'. Duh. One never came across an opposing argument from these clergy when Taliban went around spreading horror with their 'innocent wish' of 'asking for implementation of shariah'.

But its a good sign even if they did it 'because the tide was turning against Taliban'. They are a menace to the society so they have to be opposed by Pakistanis in unequivocal terms for their own good. Its not just Taliban per se, but the 'mentality' that goes with them which says that a certain belief has to be implemented on to the society with force. That one can do anything they like just because they are doing it for the cause of Islam. The scholars came up with the wording that implementation of shariah by force and taking up arms against state are totally wrong. This might not help now but at least holds good for the future where they have maintained a stance against Taliban and their ilk.

On the other hand, Military it seems is taking it seriously this time around. The operation is intense against the militants with their PR maintaining that '1000 taliban have been killed with quite a lot of foreign fighters'. Well, the truth will be out in the open sooner than later so we should take their statements as just what they are... statements.

A huge number of Internally Displaced People has been reported. Around 1.3 million are being housed in various camps around Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda etc. Relief work is fast picking up pace with private organizations being more productive than Govt. This is the largest displacement of people in Pakistan's history and its a tale of misery and suffering. There is urgent need of food and shelter required for them. Not only this, the editorial of The News had this shocking revelation that Taliban people are prowling for boys and girls in camps to get them recruited for them as well as to use them as human shields and other (plainly sick) people are here to get hold of these children to use them in sex industry. How sick people can get?

Anyways, the IDPs want the Taliban out of their places and want Govt to 'sincerely' do it this time as they have left their homes for it. If the Govt and military have any idea of what is in store for Pakistan in the future then they will take care of IDPs, do well to win their 'hearts and minds' and definitely will have to route the Taliban phenomenon. Its Good bye otherwise.

Please donate generously. Its your future at stake.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009


This is a very common sight in Karachi.

No. I am not talking about the 3 people on bike... though it is common.
I am also not talking about the full covering black hijab... that too is common.
I am talking about that kid who is being held by his mum (most probably) and I have issues with that!

Its so damn dangerous! First of all 2 wheels are unsafe as compared to four wheels. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a car and they find motorcycle to be the only mode of affordable transportation in Karachi since Karachi lacks a proper functioning public transport system. I have my own car and my daughter is much safe but whenever I see other people's kid like that on motorcycles.. my heart melts I swear. No wonder we don't thank God for His bounties.

I have seen kids on motorcycles with held breath because they are vulnerable to God forbid any accident. I have seen children on the arms of father while father is holding the handles of the bike driving. I have seen children sleeping while sitting at the back and holding on to the driver (we once had to point out that to a motorcyclist). I once saw a person driving the motorcycle like hell and the kid at the back was clinging on him, what the hell was he thinking?!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Very Origenal

Another good quality product picture from my mobile phone. The statement says "This monogram is a sign of Origenal NPI".

The post is not about whether wrong spellings make it funny, the post is about 'why' I took the pic and decided to share it! Am I that snob that I point out spelling and grammar mistakes in another persons language which is not his mother tongue (or even if its mother tongue so what?). How would I feel if a Frenchman pointed out mistake in my French language statement and posted about it?

Very Origenal eh?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Only in Peshawar

Important Notice: Be sure to carry all your belongings while you leave - mobile phones, cash and weapons. We will not be responsible otherwise.

(Photo by author)