Monday, October 25, 2010

Four Weddings (of a muslim) and a Funeral (of common sense)

(During a discussion)

X: More than one marriage is allowed for man. It is our belief as a muslim.

I: Not for fun brother.

X: some times first wife is not beautiful so man has to do 2nd marriage in order to keep himself away from adultery.

I: That was really a very sick reason my brother :)

X: It is allowed in Islam for 2nd marriage or further. I don't say that if wife is not beautiful then husband has right to misbehave with her. Wife is wife, husband is bound to give him full rights which includes care and love also.

But be realistic, sometime man is not satisfy with her ugly wife and this thing also effects the relation between them. So 2nd marriage is the solution in that case, for first wife also.

I: why do you relate it to sexual lust only? If she is not pretty so the husband follows the course of adultery?! how brilliant. When Quran teaches you to abstain from sex.. why cant you do that?

X: Man should be away from adultery but marriage is the right way for this purpose. In Islam 4 marriages are allowed.

I: Suppose a man marries 4 ladies.. what is the guarantee that this will not happen? 'some times .. wife is not beautiful so man has to do ... marriage in order to keep himself away from adultery.'?

X: Islam is actually best guidance for man. Man should take advantage of support from Islam in order to refrain from adultery.

I: so why cant you refrain from adultery while being with the first wife? Is not Islam the best guidance for man in one wife's case?

X: In Islam four wives are allowed!

I: hehe! ok :)

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Conversation


The following is a conversation between two believers. If you are not one of them or think that muslims and people of certain are plain nuts.. please visit this site instead of wasting your time reading my post.



X: So do u think the prophets had to believe in themselves being prophets to be muslims?

I: I think the question should be this “So do u think the prophets had to believe in themselves being prophets”

X: & then the answer would be?

I: i think they had this intoxicated feeling through which they could not find a away to escape. And they must have been too afraid to ‘let down’ their followers.

X: By the way I was serious!

I: I am not kidding!

Sometimes I think being a prophet was the worst job! I swear! Think of what it entails! Let me give you an example. One fine day, you are told to marry your adopted sons wife. How does that sound? easy eh?

X: My initial question remains unanswered! I am not talking about job complications nutcase!

I: That is why I answered the first question... it would have been totally difficult to deal with it. They cant escape the feeling that something unusual but in reality is happening to them, cant get away from it, cant run away from it. So kind of intoxicated feeling. ‘what the hell am I supposed to do now’ feeling. It must not have been about self belief.. I am totally sure of that.

X: So they just got stuck with the deal?!! Yani whether I believe im a prophet or not I have to go through this!?

I: I totally think so :) You think its a dream.. no it IS a dream and out pops Gabriel! ‘No my son this aint a dream!’

Now what the hell?! You are being told to ditch everything your ancestors have been told and you know you don't do drugs! That is trouble!

X: So … there isn’t a yes or no answer!! :p

I: It lies somewhere in between :) Definitely not ‘Self Belief’! cuz self belief cant make you marry your adopted sons wife!

X: Not self belief… but at some time u have to believe that u are the chosen one, the torch bearer… how else would u bring urself to marry ur adopted son’s wife

I: By being forced to! Torch Bearer makes you very conservative.

X: how

I: Every act you do must be in ‘accordance’ to the higher goals of social acceptability. Example of a torch bearer is pharoh, who has to maintain all the traits of royalty and continue to rule people. Torch bearer is your religious scholar.. no matter how pervert he is. He has to show that he is very religious. Prophet ‘discards’ everything. More like a cult.

Btw, people use Schizophrenia as the reason for the prophets :)

X: Yea… that’s when they’re being polite! :p

Friday, October 08, 2010

Why a State Matters

Karachi saw Abdullah Shah Ghazi's mausoleum being bombed by suicide bombers yesterday. I a regular follower of that route and I know how crowded it is even on normal weekdays forget about Thursday which enjoys significance amongst shrine-attendees (because its day before Friday, the sacred day of muslims). The suicide bombers not only hit a shrine, they also hit the most popular place karachiites love to visit - that too in the most posh of localities. Karachiites being shocked is an understatement.

Before that, it was Daata Darbar where suicide bombers struck in Lahore - a source of 'shirk' as the attackers would say so it had to be dealt with. Rehman Baba shrine near Peshawar has been bombed twice. Allied to this is the issue of murder of notable scholars. Just recently, Dr. Mohammad Farooq, vice chancellor of Swat University, who openly opposed suicide bombings and terrorism carried out in the name of Islam, was killed in Mardan. Before that we had Mufti Sarfaraz Naeemi, a very popular religious scholar in Lahore whose academy was hit by suicide bombers and he was killed. He too openly condemned militaristic acts carried out in the name of Islam and especially had a distaste for suicide bombings.

Behind all these acts, lurches a philosophy of 'Prevention of Vice', apart from the modus operandi for the implementation. Some people say that 'evil has to be stopped by hand'. Unfortunately, this is what happens when individuals or entities take this responsibility upon themselves to prevent vice and promote virtue. According to opinion, visits to shrines and placing offering are unislamic and this have to be stopped. Attacks on shrines are exactly for this purpose. The scholars were killed not because of any vice but having ideas that may lead to acts that perhaps hinder the 'good causes'; like jihad. What would Dr. Mohammad Farooq know about jihad, who has written 5 books on it, as compared to good old medressah produced talib who perhaps does not even know any other thing than rote learning of Quran?

Taliban attacked various shrines in Swat. For them, person of opposing sect is also not tolerable. Pir Safiullah, a barelvi, the opponent of Taliban, his grave was dug up, his head chopped and his body was hung by the pole. Taliban go with the same argument - stop the evil and impose their version of Islam as only they are the custodians.

Lal Mosque brigade thought the same - stop the vice as they were mandated to check it in society. They do not understand that taking law in their own hands is not productive for the society. Take for example the case of 2 brothers that were lynched in Sialkot. People took them for robbers and hung their bodies on poles after killing them. The whole nation was shocked. Why? because people are not supposed to take law into their own hands.

People of a society, collectively, assign the responsibility of governance and dispensation of justice to Govt, The State. They abide to be governed by Laws and Constitution. Why? because this is how order is maintained in a chaotic environment. No doubt there are weaknesses in a system and that is why people choose their elected representatives to bring the change.

But choosing the path of Lal Mosque brigade, the Taliban - by enforcing change, and a change that favors their own opinion, is downright oppressive and extremely dangerous.That is why the entity called State gains more importance wherein people live according to agreed upon code of conduct. That is why, it is even more important, that no rule or law be made that somehow infringes upon the rights of people based upon, if not any other criteria, then religious beliefs of majority people. Am I calling for a secular constitution?! Is it 'Damn You' I hear?! Shit.

The point is - that we pakistanis live under a constitution in which it is stated that we are an 'Islamic Republic'! We are not infidels for heavens sake. This has to be told and reminded to people like Taliban, Lal Mosque types, right wingers and ordinary people alike! No body should try to take law in their own hands. The Objectives Resolution in 1973 Constitution of Pakistan states that all authority and sovereignty belongs to God, that He has delegated this authority to the Pakistani state through elected representatives, that people will according to Islamic teachings, minorities will be given their rights and everyone will enjoy the universal fundamental rights. Why would anyone rebel against it?!

Try to improve upon the system ladies and gentlemen... not fight it.