Monday, June 22, 2009

They Did It!

Pakistan won the Twenty-20 World Cup! Unbelievable really.

I had no where even imagined that Pakistani cricket team will win this world cup. This team had no prepared well leading to this world cup, cricket activities were bottom low when Australians had decided they will not be coming to Pakistan for security reasons, then the 'gracious' Sri Lankan's came who were given a nightmare in Lahore which they will not forget. The start for this world cup was horrible as Pakistani team lost the two warm up matches. Then came the news that things were not OK in the Pakistani camp as the captain and the manager were at loggerheads regarding 'the plans' (if there were any).

And still 'they' did it! I have to mention 'they' because no one had even thought that they'll reach the semi finals let alone win the world cup! So the Pakistani cricket team really did it. They even did it with clinical precision. How on earth Pakistan can win by batting second and that too by 8 wickets?! Hell No way! And the way they bowled in the start of the Sri Lankan inning was very professional.

The final with Sri Lanka was more than symbolic as last time they had met, tragedy struck in Lahore when terrorists opened fire at their bus as they were leaving for the stadium. They ultimately had to be taken out of stadium by a helicopter and left Pakistan the same night. The terrorists had struck at the heart of Pakistanis - the game of cricket. The look on every Pakistani's face that day was as if someone dear had passed away. Pakistani fans could not believe that this would be happening to them. And yesterday both of them were fighting it out to claim the throne of champions!

Terrorism lost! Cricket won! 'We' Won! Congrats!

Friday, June 19, 2009

From Pak Army With Love - Baitullah Mehsud.

Great. Now every sort of Qari and Mullah is getting the media limelight who is against Baitullah Mehsud, ex-lover of Pakistan Army. In a move that appears more like a jilted lovers attempt to malign its ex.. and 'Oh I so hate you!' approach, Baitullah Mehsud is now the worst thing that could have happened to Pakistani society. He is an 'indian agent', working against 'Islam' and 'Pakistan', he is on the pay roll of CIA. Amazingly, Israel has no where yet emerged on the accusation list.. but I knew all along that Baitullah was a jew!

Anyways, suddenly a group of 'good' Taliban has emerged. Good in the sense that they do not want destabilized Pakistan, they are against suicide bombings and targeting fellow muslims. They just oppose the presence of 'infidel;' forces on Afghanistan's soil. These Talibans are innocent and the real mother of all idiots is Baitullah Mehsud. They said this all along but dumb-ass Pakistani government was not listening.

So it does appear now that Pakistan Army will not leave Taliban as a tool for any future interference in Pakistan as well as using them for protection of western borders in case India tries something adventurous from Eastern side. Now this is really 'unlucky' Pakistan. We had a great chance to disband with this band of thugs and mercenaries as the 'tide of goodwill' was on our side but No. We still have some ideas of strategic depth somewhere.. abyss seems more appropriate.

All those army officers, non-commissioned officers, security personnel, innocent civilians who lost their lives for this country.. Pakistan army has still some plans up its sleeve. I just hope I am terribly wrong. Baitullah Mehsud will be out of the picture soon and 'good and pious' Taliban will be left. Peace!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Coke Studio

Frankly, I was in anticipation of Coke Studio second season this year as the first one's brilliance had left me totally speechless. There is something about Coke Studio really.. it makes my hair rise and leaves me teary eyed! Ok I now am a complete certified 'infidel'.. but I have to admit its true! Anyways.. the latest episode was anything but marvelous.

First up was Jawad Bashir of Mekal Hasan Band. I tell you what. Listening to what he sang (of Nusrat Fateh Ali), you could feel as if you were calmly asleep in your bed in the middle of the night and suddenly a freight train passes adjacent to your home with no brakes on it! He hits you that hard! He is very underrated as a singer and in Mekal Hasan Band he gets overshadowd by the giant Mekal Hasan. It was amazing watching him singing 'aj latha naeeon'. The guy has amazing vocal dexterity. You have not seen anything like this before.. trust me.

Next up, was Zeb & Haniye. Ok I might be prejudiced as they belong to my province but they DO sing well and their songs are really nice. I was in anticipation of their song 'paimona'. I thought it was in Pushto! whereas it was in darri/ persian. At first I could not understand a word of the song as I was trying to figure out pushto words in it :p The song was nice but since Jawad Bashir in his previous song had brought the house down so it kinda felt too slow. It was a nice slow number.

Then it was the turn of Atif Aslam. Ok I admit it. I hate this guy. And thank God that I am not a girl! cuz otherwise I would have loved him! The guy has scores of female fans and if I were ever to write on topic 'why its good to be a man' then I would definitely put this reason at the top! I agree I do not compare with him at all when it comes to singing but the truth is.. he can't sing. He DEFINITELY has a different voice.. but he can't sing.

You guys must have heard his stint with Alka Yagnik in one of the Bollywood films, I dont know which one, but the song goes like 'Ba khuda, tumhi ho.. her jaga tum he ho'. I swear. It was a disaster. Alka seems to be spanking him in the song! She seems to be treating Atif like 'behave kid! this is not the way to sing it! Do it this way as I am doing it!' I want to hide somewhere when I hear that song because of the Indian drubbing that Pakistan received!

His song, ok it was nice. I bet Rohail Hayat, the producer of Coke Studio, must have done something otherwise he is not that good. Yes I am prejudiced! So what! its my blog!

Then it was the turn of our very own singing genius Shafqat Amanat Ali. I honestly cannot comment on him because otherwise it would be like I commenting on cricket of Geoffry Boycott. Seriously. This guy is good. 'Khamaj' is a classic of Fusion group. This version of Khamaj was even more stripped down with focus only on vocals and Shafqat is a pro at that.

Then it was the turn of Noori with Sayein Zahoor. It was weird really! The rock band and the sufi singer who sings at mausoleums. But the fusion went well with Hamza keeping his feet well ground in the end.

All in all a very nice episode. Music was excellent.

You can listen to all the songs of the episode at

Saturday, June 13, 2009

PostMan's Law of Pakistani Cricket Team

The probability of Pakistani cricket team moving to the next round in a tournament depends upon some other team in an other group loosing to an other by a certain margin.

PostMan's Fact on Pakistani Cricket Team

Pakistani Team cant.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bye Bye PC

Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar, the only 5-star hotel in Peshawar got the drubbing through bombing. As of now, it seems that it was not a suicide bombing attempt rather the militants 'walked away' - to put the term. Peshawar has seen spate of bombing attacks and there seems no respite from it. The city is already closed from 3 sides where it borders the tribal agencies and now it appears as if no one wants to go to Peshawar - even locals fear going out.

(picture courtesy of Hotel's website)

When the Rescue 15 Building was bombed just few days ago in Lahore, we friends were discussing how the militants (in that case suicide bombers) first shot at the security guards and then tried to take in the explosive laden vehicle. We agreed that there should have been a second line of defense, more protected (roof tops e.g.) for the security guards that in case the front line falls, the second line will be able to counter it.

The video footage released by the CCTv cameras clearly shows that first a car came in through the gate, they neutralized the front security guards and then came in followed in by the explosive laden pickup. And then they left the building, most probably, because till date no bodies of suspected suicide bombers have been found. Amazing!

There was a serious lack of security in this case. There was no line of defense for the security guards to prevent such attacks. If the militants can over-power the first line of defense.. its easy pickings for them. Peshawar which is already on high alert and has witnessed bomb attacks, PC hotel being the prime target, I am sorry to say that this was not the type of security that was being expected. It resulted in the loss innocent precious lives that could have been averted.

One wonders what is next now that they have crushed the only 5 star hotel of Peshawar? The only Fort of Peshawar? Mind you which is just a few walk away from the hotel.

Balahisar Fort - Peshawar
(Courtesy WebShots)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 3

My uncle narrated this to me.

An Income Tax official once asked for a 'favour'. I went to his home and he was sitting on the prayer mat praying. As he finished the prayers he lifted a corner of the prayer mat and turned it towards himself.. he then pointed out to me the place and told me to keep the money 'there'. He said he does not take bribe.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Bribery 101 - Part 2

An Excise & Taxation police official hauled me over the road as I was driving to office. He asked me for my car registration book which I did not have at that time. When I asked him 'what now?' - he replied that I can 'help' him. I gave him a currency note of certain denomination and he said "Saab (Sir/ Sahib) please don't give me this money as bribe, give it to me as a gift as I am poor and have children. I do not want bribe".

So I did.