Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kiss? Mum's The Word - Part 2

Seems like the Waziristan Operation, 'Rah e Nijat' (Path to Liberation) and the LUMS ruckus, 'Sirat e Mustaqeem' (The Straight Path) are the only two important things happening in Pakistan. So I'll be focussing on the latter as news from the war zone in Waziristan is bleak.

The News editorial of October 19th, 'Morality Brigade' also talks about it but in a very different tone. If you read the article (please do, its just 2 paragraphs trust me) paints a very antagonized view of our society in which it seems that the primary reason for the low GDP of Pakistan is the conservative lot.

To quote.

"Why should there be so much interest in the behaviour of two individuals which affects no one else? We don’t need more vigilantes in society, who feel it their right to appropriate to themselves the guardianship of society’s morals and behaviour."

True. We don't need vigilantes in our society for the guardianship of society's morals and behaviours. What what exactly did the lady, who initially sent the email in LUMS, do? She expressed her opinion in an email using the public broadcast medium of the university addressing her concerns about an issue. What did the Editor of The News did? He expressed his opinion on an issue which he thinks requires addressing using a public broadcast media. What is the difference between them? Why the lady is a 'schmuck' (as the Editor would have liked to call her) and not he himself?

Look. She did not harass or kill anyone. She just expressed her opinions as she is totally entitled to. Most of us pakistanis may or may not agree with her opinions but she has this right! Just as the editor has to say whatever is on his mind in his newspaper. Being liberal does not mean holding a negative view of the other camp. In the end, its just two parties having a different opinion.


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Minerva said...

Haha, sorta similar thing I heard about the Nick Griffin controversy. There is a price to be paid for freedom of speech. It can be steep - but it's worth it.

I definitely agree to your point of view on this.

Pinky said...

i agree..
poor girl, so many people retaliated,especially LUMS students, i read one response it said sth like "why are you raising this issue towards the end of your 4yrs course..humari bari ayi tu main nahin khelti?" lol