Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pakistan - Cricket Cheats

Remember that Oval Test which Pakistan 'forfeited', the first in 129 years of cricket? Well the ghost is back. In that Test Match, Umpire Darrel Hair had accused Pakistan of ball tampering, awarded penalty to Pakistan without telling what had happened to the bewildered Pakistani team. When Pakistani team refused to come out on field to protest the incident, he called off the match citing forfeiture by Pakistan! Lovely incident.

English Coach Duncan Fletcher has been musing in his autobiography regarding Pakistani cricketers which actually portrays his mentality. "England staff used binoculars to monitor Pakistan players they suspected of ball tampering during last year’s forfeited Test at the Oval". Fletcher writes that the England coaching staff were, “interested in what the Pakistanis were doing with the ball.”. Basically he considers Pakistani cricketers as cheats.

He further elucidates.. “Using binoculars, we began examining the Pakistanis closely in the field because we thought we had picked something up.”

And now the icing.. He added: “We could not understand how they were able to get it to reverse swing so early in the innings. With the lush outfields it had been a problem for us all series".

Asshole has branded the whole Pakistani team as cheat just becasue "they could not do it"?! Who the hell he thinks he is? In early 90's when Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram out English cricketers to smithreens by the deadly fast bowling and lethal yorkers - The english press had called us Cheats! Morons! ALan Lamb and Ian Botham sued Imran Khan in courts for that!

When Michael Atherton was caught using dirt in his pocket to tamper the ball in South Africa - nothing happened much. He was not a pakistani I guess otheriwse hell would have broken loose.

And surprise surprise.. they use the same "cheating methods" to beat Australia in Ashes in 2005! Dunacan Fletcher was the coach! and then they were titled Officer of the British Empire - OBE! wtf.


Razz said...

That's the highest brand of hypocrites right there for you! A$$h0les!

Anonymous said...

Lamb and Botham sued Imran for ball tampering? I am assuming thats what you are saying here because you dont elaborate on "sued imran for that". They sued, unsuccessfully, alleging that Khan branded them as "racist, ill-educated and lacking in class" ( you probably misread about the event, since that misquote appeared in an interview where imran defended himself against ball tampering. so tampering did have something to do with the whole issue, but it wasnt as if Lamb and Botham sued him for ball tampering.

PostMan said...

I say good job Imran!

Thanks for your comments anonymous :)