Monday, November 05, 2007

Emperor Musharaf's New Clothes

12th October 1999 - "Have to hear this guy! whatever is going on is unbelievable!"
3rd November 2007 - "What the hell does he want to say now?!"

The above equates almost what I had in mind.

Mr. Musharraf.. whatever you are selling.. we are'nt buying it. Whatever credibility you had.. has been lost. I was perhaps the biggest supporter of yours - now I dont give a damn to the explanations you give.

You are not the saviour, you are not indispensable, you are not infallible.

The common man may not come on streets... cuz they are too busy trying just to survive. My friend asked a bread maker (tandoor wala) that emergency has been imposed. He replied "Will it lower the prices of essentials?"

Please do not consider us idiots. Nawaz, BB, you - all of the same category. Just your interests to safeguard.

It sucks really. By the way.. you are not wearing anything.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments, the common man is unfortunately too busy trying to earn enough to feed his family and barely survive. He cannot afford to come on the streets and the selected few elites are too concerned about their personal benefits only AND that allows the current administration to continue their tyranny. This cannot last forever and eventually people will recognize that in order for the country to survive sacrifices will need to be made. We all must do whatever little we can do in our own spheres.

Anonymous said...

It's sad, Mush was the only hope for a stable Pakistan. he also is trodding the wrong line, he has not only created an international image crash, sooner or later when emergency is over he will be in trouble and unfortunately, the not so competent will control the power then.

LUMS said...

Dear All,

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