Thursday, November 15, 2007

Two Moons in the Sky!

Every year around August I receive an email forwarding (and most probably you would have too) that mars will be closest to Earth in gazillion years so do not miss the chance of watching it. There will be two moons in the sky!

Hell No! nothing can be farther from the truth! Mars was at its closest in August of 2003! Every year people keep asking me questions.. is it true? and every year I keep telling them no its not the case!

And its not Two moon in sky! When I watched Mars in 2003 - naked eye of course cuz I do not have a telescope :( - it was this brilliant orange kinda star! still no better than Venus! Damn Venus is very beautiful and bright in evenings!

So next time if you find this sort of mail in your Inbox.. delete it!

Man I love the sky :)

P.S: I am writing this after 2 months cuz I realized my blog was missing my interest elements of Astronomy and Egyptology! Better late than never!

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