Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moon Split!

Ok here is an other one related to my theme of recent postings. I am sorry but I "do" have to talk on it. I got a forwarding in which it was stated that 'muslims' have graphical evidence that supports the miracle attributed to Prophet Muhammad that he split the moon in two halves in reply to the questions posed on him by the people of Mecca regarding the authenticity of his Prophethood.

If anyone has a least bit knowledge of astronomy - he/ she would tell you that "the evidence" can be anything but a sign of split. You can see the craters formed on either side of it.. they seem deeper than the split-line. Secondly, the split-line is very small! The image which has been provided is a zoomed in one on one of the areas of Moon. If you zoom-out of this pic somehow.. you will not be able to see the line!

A rocky celestial body like earth, moon, Mars, Mercury... the surface has various features. Mountains, ridges, canyons, craters and albedos. Check the surface of one of the moon of Jupiter - Europa.

See any markings? appear similar? to me they do at least.
Finally. See this image of Moon. I got it from somewhere I cant remember. Credit to anybody to whom it belongs :| sorry

This is a very detailed pic of almost half of Moon. And I for one can't see a split line in it. You can clearly see the crater Copernicus, Mare Tranquillitatis and Mare Serenitatis.

This also brings us to another aspect of this post. Did moon Split occur? hmm. Very tricky one. I'll be giving my opinion in next post.

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