Monday, October 29, 2007


We Pakistanis are hospitable. Really. If you happen to be the one who visits the dear ones on occasion of Eid.. you must be knowing it. I do not know how my bladder can retain so much liquid! Every home you go.. they'll treat you with stuff to eat and drink! hey its festival time and why not! but not to the extent of ruining digestive mechanism of a human being for heavens sakes!

The other day, a relative of ours came to our place. The guy is old. Since he came after a long time so he was treated! Man he was treated! check what was on table for him... Pairra from Mardan (a very famous Mardan delight), some dessert that my mum made, dry fruit, dum-pukht meat! tea, cold drink! All sorts of assortments that had no relevance with the "timing of the serving". The old chap really really had a tough time. He could not refuse, he could not eat (no teeth either, artifical ones yes!) I was sitting with him and was 'only' thinking of what he would be going through.

Why on earth do we go to such extent that we put people in such situation. If a person tells me that no he/ she does not want to have certain thing because he/ she just had it at another place.. I would not offer him/ her that thing. Perhaps I am too rude! 'budtmiz' me!

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