Wednesday, November 07, 2007

21 Grams

This is 'supposedly' the weight lost by the body the instant a person dies. So somehow indicating the aspect that 'soul' weighs 21 grams.

Death is a very uneasy business. Unfortunately, if there is a death in your family or a dear one - then there is certain uneasiness which does not make you rest at peace.

An auntie in our neighborhood died. May God rest her soul in peace. The coffin (there is no coffin as such but a bed on which the body is placed and is moved by being carried on peoples shoulders) was being carried by 6 people and I was one of them.

Apart from reciting 'shahada' - I was thinking... a dead body is heavy. I mean really heavy. 6 people were carrying the coffin but they had to be switched and took turns. The poor soul who died was a weak physique woman, frail. She must have not weighed much when she was alive. But this was certainly not the case.

This is one of those things that really intrigues me. What is it that makes body weigh so much after soul departs from it...

With due respects to the people who left this world.

p.s: I like the movie though. My kinda movie. Slow.

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