Monday, October 09, 2006


It happens every year. Its middle of Ramadan now.. it has happened at its start and now it will happen at its end. Its ridiculous. It makes us a laughing stock but we do not care!

It is called Moon Sighting. It is done becasue Islamic calendar is lunar based. You have to go by the new moon for the advent of Ramadan or Hajj dates etc. The problem is that certain parts of the country observe Fast earlier than the rest becasue they say that they have witnessed the moon which indicates start of Ramadan. The rest of the country (headed by Head Clergymen of Government) say that its not the case therefore no ramadan!

The Government started the month of Ramadan 2 days later than the Saudis! how come a single moon for the whole world appears at different places at different 'days' (not times even!) The 'New Moon' is new moon for the whole world! not different for Iranians, Saudis or Pakistanis!

Its the fossilized mentality of our clergy. In earlier times people used to 'sight' the moon to know when will the new month start. Now after such advancement in science and technology.. you do not need to see the moon to know whether it will appear as new or not! just do the calculation or visit a website! for heavens sake! Grow Up!


Anonymous said...

just like not everyone starts new year at the same time, ^_^ and calm down how is the moon sighting making you so angry man, calm down a little.

PostMan said...

You live in Pakistan? If not then you do not know whats it like!

I remember one instance in which my mum and younger bro were fasting and the rest of us were having Eid!