Saturday, March 18, 2006

Death by Kite

Kite flying is a passion in Pakistan. People of every age indulge in this activity. The festival of 'Basant' is celebrated every year especially in Lahore to celebrate arrival of spring. The sky is full of kites and colors. Absolutely wonderful.

I am not from Lahore, am from a city in North West but I remember making kites, the twine and flying! Unfortunately, this activity has taken a bloody form. The twine used to make kites fly, has become a death tool. Kite flying in Pakistan is not merely kite flying per se - its a duel between kite flyers to cut each other twines by making or coating the twines with ground powdered glass, chemical and now horribly.. using metal wire.

I remember that accidents only occurred when children fell off from roof tops flying or capturing kites or had accidents on roads. This could have resulted in unfortunate death also. But now the situation is altogether different. The twine is so lethal now that it simply slits the throats and necks! Metal twine falls on electricity cables resulting in electrocution and power failures. The death rate has climbed so much that Supreme Court had to ban kite flying all over Pakistan.

This activity is totally taking a negative spectrum. I really wish it otherwise. Some how this sport has to continue albeit without the deaths. Metal wires and chemical wires should be banned altogether. It should be promoted as organized sport played in parks so that twines remain confined to that area. This way everyone will be safe and enjoy what kite-flying is all about - Fun!

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