Monday, March 13, 2006

No Ports or Nukes for Muslims

"if you want to run seaports or obtain nuclear weapons for self-defence, you had better change your name to O’Reilly, Schwartz or Patel and stop turning to Makkah in your prayers."

- By Eric S. Margolis

Could not have said it better. This article by Eric S. Margolis is the actual representation of muslim sentiment.

Article in The News

America and Britain keep giving sermons to the Muslim world that they lack democracy (which they support by installing puppet regimes or military dictators), that their religion has problems which instigate violence (religion has got nothing to do with it and further... US has been terrorising the world since cold war) , that their brand of democracy is the best in the world and a perfect recipie for Muslim countries (hell with their respective culture and traditions).

A port deal by UAE was blocked by President Bush on the mere pretext that they were Arabs and Muslims! what more proof can there be about islamophobia. Hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in United States by sheikhs but creating a hysteria out of a port deal.. only islamophobia can can produce such hype.

US bombed the hell out of Iraq on the pretext that they had Weapons of Mass destruction (which they had none. Old infrastructure was provided by US to fight against Iran! hypocricy galore!)Todays mess in Iraq is total responsibility of US. Terror has increased manifolds because of acts of US. Now US is after Iran (not that I am a fan of Ahmaddin Najad, the Iranian President) Israel can have as many nukes as it can have but NO! no muslim country can have it! Nucleur Proliferation crap treaty... give it to India but not to Pakistan...

What extent this hypocricy...

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