Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Islam & Women Protection Bill

Couple of issues that need to be addressed becasue they are being used to make a lot of fuss by the religious parties.

1. "Rape and Adultery are the same in Quran"

As ridiculous that might seem, this actually is the point of view of these people who are opposed to Women Protection Bill. The condition for adultery is that 4 witnesses be brought forth who can testify that a certain person has performed adultery. If No - then the charges cannot be brought forward.

The opposite camp says that since Rape and Adultery are the same in Quran(no proof offered for that), so one needs to bring 4 witnesses to prove Rape charges as well!

2. "Quran states that Rapist to be stoned to Death"

Another preposterous claim. No where the Quran states that Rapist be stoned to death. In fact none of the Quranic verses talk of stoning to death. Rape is not discussed at all in Quran - adultery is. Quran does mention oppression and creating tumult in earth as worst offences and humans were left to devise on their own what punishment they come up with - and rape is oppression of worst kind.

So the first thing one should ask these guardians-of-Islam is - where is rape mentioned in Quran? where is stoning to death mentioned in Quran? I am yet to hear any argument. Tell me if you hear any.

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