Wednesday, November 22, 2006

'Arms for Peace'

International Defence Exhibition And Seminar (IDEAS), an arms and ammunition exhibition, is being held in Karachi. Titled 'Arms for Peace', this exhibition is proving to be a huge success for arms exporters especially of Pakistan and huge bother for the Karachiites becasue of its tight security and cordoning off of roads.

I have an issue with the title of this exhibition.. Arms for Peace. Who do you think we are kidding? Ourselves I guess. Arms can never be for peace. Yes I have heard that argument that if you have strong defence then the adversary will have to think twice before taking an action... Agreed.. but this is only one side of the coin.

Remember Cold war not long ago? US and USSR almost put the world at destruction point. They did not fight directly but involved other countries that had no purpse and intent of joining such war (and were dependant upon these powers for defence). Keep in mind that there can be a couple of super powers at an instant. Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghan War... innocent people lost their lives because the powerful strutted their stuff throught their allies as they could not fight directly with each other.. arms as defence as one would like to put it.

Where would you like to live.. in a neighborhood where everybody has arms or a neighborhood where there are no guns? Change the title please.. its hypocritical.

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