Friday, January 27, 2006

Insecure Islam

I received this forwarding that had the title "New Quran by America". The mail stated that there was a Quran-clone in circulation that was purported to be alternative to Quran. So all Muslims were being advised to take "precautionary measures" and forward this to as many muslims as possible so that they dont fall into this trap.

What a crap? We Muslims, I believe, can digest humongous amount of trash! The so called Al-Furqan is kind of Arabic version of Bible and has teachings of it. Its not "new Quran" designed by the Americans to mislead muslims! and Even if someone has combined teachings of both religions... so what?! Islam is under attack?!

We muslims believe that the whole world is conspiring 24/7 to do harm to us. What is with this insecure mentality of ours. Can we really honestly save Islam? We cant even save ourselves! Forget the whole world.. we are perfectly capable of ruining ourselves! from botched democracies to incompetent leadership.. Muslim world is replete with absolute crap. If someone reads it in being tricked as Quran.. God help him. He/ She has to be really numb-skulled to do that.

We don't educate ourselves, we don't enlighten ourselves. This "Whole-World-After-Us" scenario is really bad for muslims. I really think we have to ameliorate ourselves.

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