Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartoon Controversy

"Are Muslims justified in staging worldwide protests over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad? "

Asks the West. I want to ask this. How many times have you seen Muslims ridiculing Jesus or Moses? any cartoons published by any muslim? in last century? in history?

see... we Muslims are very particular when it comes to respecting the Prophets. We believe that they had been given a status worthy enough of being respected by us. I understand that the muslim reaction of burning cars and building is not justified but the arguments coming out from the West are atrocious to say the least. One commentator I heard on CNN was saying that since they (majority of muslims) are poor and uneducated, they dont have anything to do so they are doing such act. ?? You (west) don't get it do you?

Spill a word against jews and you are branded anti-semitic. In Germany, law actually prohibits you to cast doubts on holocaust. Every society has its taboos that have to be looked in to when making opinion about them. And when Muslims cry foul, they are told that they are irrational people who cannot take criticism. How awful can you get?

If the west wants to criticise what goes on in the Muslim world, please do so (now don't get me started over west's corruption in maintaining puppet governments in muslims countries). We dont mind criticism but at least show some respect for the people that we respect. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to misbehave or offend people. Journalism with responsibility is what is required. grow up! and stop telling us that you are always right and we are wrong!

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Anonymous said...

There are irrational parties on both sides on this issue. But if there is a conflict regarding what has been published, there are courts to sort it out. Violent protests and fatwas are not the answer to any disagreement. Freedom of speech means precisely that, the whole western media portrays celebrities, politicians, and even the pope as a caricature. Now it is not about whether "they" can make fun about "their god" but not ours. And if it is, as i said before, there are courts to sort it out.