Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Word Verification

When you publish a post, the site usually asks for a word verification from the author so that it can be ensured that no bots were involved in producing the text counted as Spam. The author has to enter alphabets as they appear through the computer generated image. I use Blogger, one of the many blog making portals.

Recently (well more than that) the word verifications are becoming.. umm.. lets say dicey for me :p The alphabets come in shapes that are getting really hard for me to decipher! I swear! Either I am losing it on my brain and eyes front or there is something wrong with their system!

Check these... I had to enter the word verification 4 times to publish my last post!

I swear I cant make that out.

Seems like .. rkjibdx?

It is kzukx right? No! Gave an error.

Finally got this one right.

Damn it Blogger. You really are forcing me to click the wheel chair sign with these verifications :|


Me said...

Umm not that easy...but use your 4 eyes and brain...:p
I got it right! yippppie!

kurri said...

wordpress is the solution to your problem