Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Wedding Meal

Ok I will sound biased here but this what I honestly believe. You do attend wedding ceremonies and and you do get to eat the meal. After they have the meal.. people 'always' comment about the food! Men usually focus on the quality of food and management whereas women would go one step further and discuss what they 'could not get'.

I have attended wedding ceremonies and have eaten the food at offer. Till date, I have not had anything as delicious and as lovely as the 'khwancha roti' of Peshawar! I swear. There is no comparison. A 'khwancha' is a big tray that is meant to be a serving for four people. Normally nowadays they have buffet system where people absolutely go nuts when food is served. Khwancha roti system is much controlled and better managed as only four people per table are being served and if guests cant be accommodated at that time and then another sitting can be arranged.

A khwancha roti will usually consist of one large tray of rice made in 'daig' (one big cylinder/ container), at most 2 small bowls - one of meat and the other of lentils with meat, a bread on top of rice for anyone who wants it, a chicken inside rice, a dessert (kheer most probably) and one 'aalo bukhara chatnee'! awesome!

By the way, I am talking of general wedding meals and not specific 'big hot shot' offered ones. Peshawar rules! Do share your experience.


kurri said...

have you ever eaten at a wedding catered by haneef raajput? you'll forget everything else :)

ps. peshawri seekh kabobs are SO good.. so darn good. i want!

PostMan said...

I do not think so. I might have cuz I have had the opportunity to attend weddings in Karachi. Food was not 'that good'.
You have to have that to know what I am talking about :)