Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush unhappy with Taliban’s movement on Pak-Afghan border

Really? No kidding right? You also want to discuss this issue with Prime Minister Gilani I have read. You must be serious this time.

How about a solution to this problem Mr. Bush. You have the best army in the world right? Your army is equipped with the most technologically advanced weapons, communication systems and allied accessories. If Pakistan is doing nothing to prevent movement of Taliban across the border.. how about you doing it? I mean, Pakistan can do anything on her side of the border but can not do anything on that side of the border right? How about plugging all the holes on the Afghan border?

The moment the Taliban enter in to Afghanistan - put them to smithereens. Do not let them get away. Put all your army on Pakistan's border. Focus all your satellites on that area. Map, man and monitor every inch of that area so that no militants hop across.

Or do I sound illogical? If you can not do so since being in Afghanistan, from I don't know when, ages?... how can you expect this from Pakistan? Yes Pakistan is the trouble maker in Afghanistan but surely you are there to correct the situation and prevent anything bad from happening? Either the Taliban enter in droves in Afghanistan loaded with Stingers or something fancy or they enter Afghanistan one-by-one using the paths they know well - you cant tackle them? You do not know where they come from? Is it not your fault you cant plug those holes on border?

Or you have already started doing so by amassing army at our borders?

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