Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am on fire!

thanks to gasoline prices!

oh come on.. 6rh increase in 5 months? what the hell is government up to. A whopping Rs.10.97 increase in petrol and Rs.9.50 in diesel - its totally unfair. While coming on my 'car pool' this morning, I saw several people stranded because the transporters had announced strike and they had no alternative to go to their work. The helplessness was so visible - on their faces and my heart. I swear. There is no worse feeling than seeing someone helpless and you enjoying the same luxury as they lack.

Ordinary people are being marooned. Soaring inflation has broken the back of many. I earn well, thank to Almighty, but even I feel the pinch. What would the lower and lower-middle class people be doing? God forbid, if a father cant feed his children, what worth would he feel his life is? If your children are hungry, you'll go to any extent to have their stomachs filled. Either you'll follow the criminal path or the path of suicide.

The Government can give any excuse it wants to (mostly that previous govt did it) but people are not interested in this crap. If the country's premier after returning from an international conference can have the whole plane diverted to a new destination country just for a party meeting - would the people believe him? You are blowing up tax payers money on ludicrous acts and expect them to give up what they are doing?

We are 'exporting' petrol for heavens sake! why on earth are you charging us international rates for it. The demand for petrol had drastically reduced after the introduction of CNG resulting in the fact that petrol now is exported. We are producers of natural gas and you are talking of removing subsidies as you cant afford it?! a wholesome Rs.20 increase per kg of CNG? Forget car users - what about industrial units running on CNG? they are going bankrupt.

I agree the energy costs have risen unfathomably in the past in international markets. At least the government should detail the gasoline rate evaluation mechanism for the sake of transparency! Tell them what commission Oil Marketing Companies are making and what govt is earning in this all shady rate evaluation deal.

Do something to show that you are sincere. (what the hell is wrong with me? who am I complaining to? idiot me)

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