Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rickshaw Ride

Ever sat in those rickety things called Rickshaw? I have and I am sure most of you have. They roam all around Pakistan in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta etc. These 3 wheeler autos are the worst thing imaginable on roads if you happen to be either 'in' them or trying to avoid yourself 'from' them. The emit smoke and have horrible noise. Being 3 wheelers they are unstable and drivers driving them ensure that 'you' know this through their driving!

They are a 'bit' different from each other in cities. I have had the 'pleasure' of their ride in Peshawar and Karachi. The Karachi ones are open from sides and back making you visible from every area as a passenger. The Peshawar ones are enclosed in the sense that only sides are open and not the back. No Nothing pervert here but just the fact that winter in Peshawar is tough! same case as in Quetta rickshaws.

I remember only two rides of these entities. One was in Peshawar when I literally prayed to God to be saved! The guy drove absolutely nuts! and one of today! The driver, a young lad, had totally lost his marbles as he was driving it. I on the other hand cant remember where my marbles were because I was busy thinking I have to blog this! (there is something seriously wrong with us bloggers I tell you) About 5-6 kilometer patch of M A Jinnah Road was like hell for me. I was holding tight the bars in rickshaw. He literally had a 'kiss ass' approach! of cars that is! A new Corolla was going ahead and he was stuck with its rear bumper. Had the driver of Corolla applied brakes, it would have made us something even we ourselves could not recognize.

But he 'corrected' my thinking quickly when the swerve that he made near the rear of a Suzuki Baleno! The guy can be a good talent in ice skating and dancing I tell you. By the way I have heard that rickshaw drivers act like this more when the passengers are ladies. Any woman reader would like to enlighten me? (does this experience count me in as a woman?!) There is one thing I have come to the conclusion and that is most of the rickshaw drivers are afflicted with some sort of Tunnel Syndrome. Perhaps its the result of 'strong feelings' recorded on mind during their birth. I mean how else can you explain it? They look for every possible hole to get out of!

Anyways... wont forget this one. One hell of a ride.

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Iola Fallaci said...

I love the loud noise that this great ride makes. Kills all sounds around. One can actually think for a change! :)