Thursday, July 24, 2008

Find Your Friend! Damn!

Warid telecommunication company has recently introduced a new feature for their subscribers through which they can find the location of the target number through sending a simple SMS. The company has launched this feature stating that you can find your friends through this facility. Fun eh? :)


There is a huge privacy issue involved here. At the start of this service, it will be fun and later it will become the tool of stalkers! wives will be keeping a watch on their husbands, girls and guys on each other, morons on their victims, criminals on wealthy businessmen! what the hell is going on?! This service sounds more of a trouble rather than blessing. Security personnel or people who like to have their location secret - they are in trouble I think. No VIP is going to use Warid I suppose! (Ok I am stretching here a bit I know because it wont be real time online position monitoring.. but still!)

I think Warid has played a gamble here and it might cost them. Nobody likes the idea that they been stalked or snooped up on. I do not know how much accurate information the system will provide but cellular phones are traceable by their nature and the resultant location can be considered specific enough.

Lets see which way the dice rolls.

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