Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have been quoted. And I dint like it!

This month I had assumed the role of Gandhi of sorts and I was preaching No Hate! No Hate! (although Gandhi preached non-violence) and in comes a referring site where I am quoted (correctly) but in a way that furthers the authors point. Here is the link under the section "Islam Respects Non-Muslims" and I quote
I will start with a bit of current news from a Muslim blog called Think Islam. To this blogger's credit, he speaks out about the destruction (again) of Buddhist statues by Muslims. Read the post here click for site. Here are a few quotes from his piece:
I say it again. We are sick. Really. Unfortunate thing is that these people are our own people. They are part of the society. This mentality really exists. Medresshas (not all) do preach hatred. I am supposedly a 'sunni' because I was born in such family. I used to study Quran in mosque just like an average pakistani child. Trust me. I used to hear some really nasty things about shias! and non-muslims... we were supposed to stay away from them too! but perhaps not as bad as shias! Good lord they were devils
The site contains content against Islamic concepts and is divided in various sections just like in which I am quoted. It contains the usual muslim-bashing and is another carrier of hate-waves.

Regarding the piece that I wrote, I wrote it when militants in Swat attempted to blow up a statue of Buddha. If you remember, when Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddha there had been a huge up roar in Pakistan and muslim world in general that what Taliban did was wrong, totally against Islamic and humane spirit and the result of their myopic understanding of Islam. The sentiments expressed in my blog post regarding statue of Buddha in Swat resembled almost the same.

What the author of the site did (check the author-highlighted portion) was that he used my words to further his point that 'Islam tells you to hate other people'... What he did not mention is the I being a muslim am denouncing this act wholeheartedly. A muslim is talking about act of a fellow muslim which I as an author felt were totally against the spirit of my religion Islam.

The author of this site also did not mention at all the condemnation that poured from around the Islamic world when such acts happen and instead focuses on his point that Islam teaches hatred. When is this hate going to stop?

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