Thursday, March 27, 2008

that too...


Me: whats on TV..
I : nothing much..
Me: whats up..
I : my daughter left today for my parents home..
Me: ok. so what..
I : I mean...
Me: You miss her?
I : I did not say that!
Me: haha! You miss her don't you!
I : Nooo! I never said that!
Me: Did you talk to her?!
I : she is only 10 months old! how on earth can I talk to her!
Me: oh come on! every parent does talk! whatever gibberish that may be!
I : well.. I...
Me: well I what? Did you or did you not?!
I : yes I did..
Me: See! I said so...
I : So what?
Me: How did you feel?!
I : Well.. I .. I felt ok
Me: lier! bakwas!
I : Moron! what lie!
Me: How did you really feel?! heart beat normal? cried?! voice trembled?!
I : well.. I.. had some problem with my throat...
Me: ah ha! your voice did tremble!
I : It was something wrong with the throat!
Me: admit it your voice trembled!
I : Alright! Alright! what the hell! yes it did...
Me: and you cried?!
I : No!
Me: come on admit it! do not be a sissy!
I : sissy?! would I be a sissy if I cried or not telling about it?!
Me: you'd be a sissy anyways so spit it!
I : what the hell?!
Me: so?
I : well my eyes.. kinda.. welled up..
Me: So you cried?!
I : I do not like crying! yes they did well up..
Me: uh huh!
I : what uh huh?!
Me: I remember you used to say why does my father act like that whenever I leave somewhere!
I : yeah .. he somehow.. could not bid farewell to me that easily...
Me: So now you know why your father's eyes looked funny whenever you went somewhere!
I : Yeah I know now..
Me: aulad aulad hoti hay my son!
I : yup ...
Me: give me the tv remote you idiot..



Moti Bhains said...

*moti wipes the tears*
you actually blogged about it. i'm sure chotu is missing daddy too. you know what they say about fathers and daughters, right? c'mon! my blog must have taught you that by now ;-)

it's okay. chotu will be back soon. take a day off whenever she returns.

Me said...

See how does it feel missing the most loved one....ahhhhh!

I too cant forget tears in abba's eyes this time when coming from home:|
Like me the little one too must be missing you to an extent to avoid even hearing you...lest abba yaad anay lagain:)