Monday, March 17, 2008

The Australian Grand Prix

Man! Formula 1 is getting addictive! What a start to the new season! Australian Grand Prix was a drama! Last year it ended on a nail biting 1 point difference with Kimi Raikonnen of Ferrari taking the title from McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and this year... things indicate I wont have my fingers remaining till the finale!

Kimi Raikonnen was like.. nuts! He went twice off track! and still managed to stay on course! How often does this happen in Formula 1?! Ask Toyota's Timo Glock. He only once veered off track and the car was put to smithereens. Kimi, once making his Ferrari eat tons of gravel, still managed to stay on track. After having all this luck on his side he still could not finish the race as the engine gave up when only 5 laps were remaining!

And what was wrong with Rubens Barrichello of Honda?! First he overshot the 'Stop' sign and drove a mechanic and fuel hose along with him! then exited the pit lane when the lights were red! rendering him out of the championship points.

The race started off with disaster! First corner saw 5 cars being sent out of race as they collided amidst a mish-mash of carbon fibre and rubber! I will be watching the next race with a helmet on it seems!


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