Monday, March 31, 2008

Narcissist in Workshop

Ever attended those behavioral trainings? Team building, motivation, creative ideas, synergy thingy? Did you observe the following?

- You don't need trainings/ workshops and the rest are idiots.

-Someone 'will' arrive late.

- In trainings/ workshops, there will always be a loudmouthed person who objects to concepts and subsequently "no use" mantra.

- Does the trainer hate you? He does not give you the attention you deserve.

- Either the trainer is very enthusiastic or is a good actor.

- (what the trainer is saying) Thats obvious.

- The number of shapes and figures on your notebook starts to decrease as time passes.

- Tea breaks rule!

- I'll rather take tea alone instead of standing with those guys.

- To pee or not to pee?

- There is always an argument taking place when its lunch time.

- This guy will doze off.

- The trainer introduced this exercise just to stretch the training till 5!

- Why does that 'girl' end up being the member of other group?

- Why can't they (the participants) do it right in a group exercise?

- During a group exercise, you have a good idea but the morons do not get it.

- (in case your group did not win) I knew it. This was bound to happen.

- (morning) Why does 'that' guy show off so much? we already know what he is so enthusiastically telling.

-(afternoon) somebody shut him up!

- I have a headache.

- Damn. Have to lie again in the appraisal form.

- The workshop was 'ok'.

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