Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lord of the Medieval

I just cannot understand how can anyone oppose administering polio drops to children in connection with vaccination drive. The religious scholars in NWFP are notorious for such acts. Swat is especially known for this - a certain Mr. Maulana Fazlullah, who ironically uses FM Radio transmissions (an infidel West's made device) to deliver his sermons! How can anyone be so cruel to let children suffer this deadly disease by citing frivolous arguments not to immunize them? Health workers have been attacked who went in these areas to carry out immunization drive.

But I guess these religious scholars (Maulanas) are really... very cruel. Citing the argument that these immunizations are just a conspiracy by the West to control muslim's population - they hit they roof of idiocity. Further, that if a child gets a disease.. this how God intended it to be. This is insane. Why do these religious scholars wear warm clothes in winter to protect them from cold? has not God made cold to be felt as it is? Why wear a helmet on a motorcycle? is it not for protection from serios injury?

What is with these people? Why cant this segment of our society think straight? Why our people and 'religion' is hostage to them? What on earth has religion got to do with it anyways? Poor poor us...

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